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We can manifest this together

Sky above, earth below. With every inhale, bring in the energy of the moon, the sun and the stars. Their essence fills your lungs and is absorbed by your cells flowing around your body to be integrated into every tissue and part of you. With each exhale, a little of your essence is returned to the sky. Continuous exchange with every other living being.

Exhale, earth below. Sinking in, allowing self

to be held and supported by the physical world. Remembering that every cell in our body is made of the same carbon and minerals of the earth below us. We bring the earth into our body as food and return a little of us back to her. With every exhale we remember that the earth is the bodies of all previous living things including our ancestors and past selves.

We are in continuous exchange with every single thing on the planet, all that is and all that ever was.

Inhale, sky above. Exhale, earth below.

In this remembering there is no ego, only humility. In this remembering, there is no separateness. We are all one. Each of us in exchange with each other continuously. Where do I begin and end?

Now envision a world where all beings remember who they really are, sky above, earth below. See a world where every being looks into the eyes of another and sees self. No ego. No ideology. No judgement. No fear.

With every breath, charge that vision with the energy of oneness. Manifest the awakened world.


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