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How do I become a reflexologist? Answering your questions about reflexology training in Canada

reflexology training student practicing

As a reflexologist who is also a doula, helping you make an informed choice about reflexology training options in Canada is really important to me! I want you to know exactly what you’re signing up for. I’m going to describe exactly what you can expect with By the Moon’s certification process and of course, if you have any questions, I want you to reach out to request a tea and chat with me.


Certification Requirements:

  • 35 hours of in person training OR online only training with a 10th session review live on zoom for feedback and confirmation

  • written exam with mark of 80% or higher

  • 70 practice sessions on volunteer clients properly documented

  • at least 5 clients who receive at least 5 sessions each

  • practical exam with mark of 80% or higher


To prepare for your written and practical exam, we provide you with a comprehensive print, digital and audio manual, recorded lectures, an illustrated session sequence, videos that demonstrate common technique mistakes and how to fix them, optional live online study groups, quizzes, answer keys and an exam study guide.


Whether you are attending one of our in person courses with one of our experienced Reflexology Trainers or completing your training online, all students will use our online course to complete their training. 


Here is our reflexology course outline:

  • History and Theory of Reflexology

  • Content Creation - The benefits of reflexology (this is your first marketing exercise!)

  • Foot conditions

  • Reflexology techniques

  • Practical requirements and session sequence

  • Client intake and session notes

  • First practice sessions: Equipment and starting (hands on feet already!)

  • Common mistakes

  • Practice sessions 5-10

  • 10th session review (let’s see how you’re doing!)

  • Tips for memorizing the sequence

  • The skeletal system and conditions

  • The muscular system and conditions

  • The nervous system and conditions

  • The endocrine system and conditions

  • The circulatory system and conditions

  • The lymphatic system and conditions

  • The respiratory system and conditions

  • The digestive system and conditions

  • The urinary system and conditions

  • The reproductive system and conditions

  • Written exam

  • Practical exam


We include the Build Your Holistic Business course as a bonus with all of our holistic health trainings. Here’s what you get:

  • Your name, brand and logo (we teach you how to make it!)

  • Registering your business

  • Marketing, content creation and funnels

  • Making a basic business card

  • Build a basic website, quick and easy

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • Where does website traffic come from?

  • Professional photos

  • Building relationships in your community

  • An exercise in target marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Tracking income and expenses

  • An introduction to Quickbooks

  • Income and expenses using Google Sheets

  • Professional organizations, licensing and insurance

  • Financial forecasting

  • Making a business plan


We also have a student portal filled with bonus resources from the most practical to the most spiritual lessons relevant to your client support and holistic business in addition to our regularly offered free online seminars.


I’m confident you can see I do what I can to be as generous as possible in sharing everything I’ve learned over the past two decades of holistic entrepreneurship as a reflexologist. Our training exceeds industry standards by far. Our curriculum is accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada. Our school is a certified education institution by the Canada Revenue Agency and we provide tuition tax credit forms (T2202) to all of our Canadian students. We have students enrolled in our training programs from all over the globe.

We take pride in being a small school doing big things in the holistic training world. 


Our relationship with our students is of equal importance to us as the quality of our education. We believe relationships are a vital part of your success! 

Here’s what some of our past students have said about By the Moon training:


“I definitely feel prepared after this course. It is so much more in depth than I expected and I learned so much more than I would have thought. Thank you!!” - Sharon Tower


“Learning how to offer reflexology to others has changed my life and my practice, for which I am deeply grateful! Thank you once more for being a beacon in the storm for me, showing up in such an honest way and weaving your wisdom into all you do.” - Amie Young


“It was my first time doing online training and I was impressed with how smooth and organized it all was.  The check-in sessions are a great learning opportunity as well. There are some very knowledgeable people who kindly shared what they know.  Best of all is Michelle, the instructor.  In addition to all the experience she brings, she creates a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental environment. I would highly recommend By the Moon!” - Angie Beaulieu


We offer payment plans to make training even more accessible. 


If you’re feeling ready to join our community, change the direction of your life and find the time freedom and purpose that our reflexology training can bring, you can explore locations, dates, tuition and registration options here. 


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