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Holistic Full Spectrum Doula
holistic full spectrum doula holding client hand

By the Moon's holistic full spectrum doula training program provides structure, connection, community and ongoing mentorship and support. Our priority is student success, supporting a variety of different learning styles, accommodating the individual challenges of our diverse group of students and giving students a broad spectrum of information and techniques to provide support in all of life's circumstances. 

Holistic full spectrum doulas are confident and trained to offer support at all of life's reproductive stages. All pregnancy starts with conception and when conception has been difficult there is an opportunity for doulas to provide information, emotional support and even healing support on the conception journey. Difficult conception can affect pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Full spectrum doulas understand this and are prepared to provide individual support based on a person's past experiences and current state. 

Unfortunately many pregnancies end in loss and loss can look different for many people from missed miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, chemical pregnancies, wanted or unwanted terminations, still births and infant loss. We cannot choose not to work with clients who will experience a loss and all doulas should feel confident and prepared to provide support in all kinds of journeys. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are affected by loss experiences and holistic full spectrum doulas have the knowledge to provide support even when the journey is not what most people think of or plan for.

Holistic full spectrum doula support considers each person from the perspective of their whole being, body, mind and spirit. They have an awareness of how our energy and our experiences and traumas influence individual experiences and can contribute to symptoms of imbalance such as morning sickness, secondary infertility, breech position of the baby, stalls in labour and more. In addition to conventional doula curriculum that includes the stages of labour, natural techniques for promoting comfort, relaxation and labour progress, medical interventions benefits and risks, breastfeeding troubleshooting support etc. we look at the underlying cause of all kinds of bumps in the journey that can arise and how we can help our clients know themselves and their experience on a deeper level. Every challenge can be an opportunity for transformation and healing. 

Future By the Moon students can choose to train as Holistic Reproductive Practitioners which includes full certifications in Reiki and Reflexology as well as Holistic Full Spectrum Doula or for students who are not interested in Reiki or Reflexology training or who may already have those certifications we offer this Holistic Full Spectrum Doula Training program.

What you can expect:

  • A one year structured online doula training program with regularly scheduled live online seminars as well as recorded lectures and required readings

  • Community and connection with classmates and trainers

  • Optional in person retreat style training to compliment the online program

  • A supportive, collaborative and diverse community of students and alumni

  • Holistic business training

  • Bonus seminars, distance healing sessions and other opportunities for connection and growth

  • Training that includes sensitivity, diversity and inclusivity resources and seminars

Students can register in advance of live online seminar schedule to get a head start on required reading, recorded lectures and assignments. You will gain access to all online resources immediately after registration.

Tuition: $1450 CDN

Payment plans available. 


Optional two day in person retreat style in person training may occur additional costs.

Note: All practical skills learned in the in person training are included in the online training. In person training is an option for students who want the extra connection and additional hands on experience with their peers and mentors.

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