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The Vital Role of Connecting with Peers in Your Doula Training Program

By the Moon Doula Trainer Stef Guthrie
By the Moon Doula Trainer Stef Guthrie

Over the years at By the Moon, we have identified some of the elements that contribute to student success in our doula training program. Without a doubt, one of the most prominent factors is that success is not an individual pursuit but a collective endeavour. Connecting with fellow doula students not only enriches your academic experience but also serves as a powerful indicator of success, both during the doula training program and after graduation.

Building a Supportive Community

One of the key benefits of connecting with other doula students at By the Moon is the opportunity to build a supportive community. Sharing the challenges and triumphs of the doula program creates a network of understanding and encouragement. This community becomes a valuable resource as you navigate coursework, move through real-life experiences, and face the emotional complexities that are inherent in the doula field.

The Practice of Holding Space

The concept of holding space is not just another buzz word. It is especially pertinent in the field of doula work at By the Moon, where empathy and understanding are integral. Connecting with fellow doula students allows for the practice of holding space for each other – a safe and non-judgmental environment where individuals can express their thoughts, fears, uncertainties, celebrations and accomplishments. We space hold during every class and check-in with one another, and this shared vulnerability not only strengthens bonds but also enhances emotional intelligence, a crucial skill in the doula profession.

Keeping Each Other Accountable

Accountability is a cornerstone of success, and peers at By the Moon can play a pivotal role in maintaining it. Sometimes it comes down to the simple and harsh-sounding truth: just do the work. Not just the reading of articles and writing of papers, but also the personal work it takes to bring clients as far as you’ve come. Do the work! By forming friendships, study groups and accountability partnerships, students can ensure they stay on track with assignments, deadlines and personal goals. This shared commitment fosters an environment where everyone is invested in each other's success, creating a mutual accountability that propels the entire group forward and helps to get the work done.

Peer Learning and Skill Enhancement

Similar to shared accountability, engaging with other students at By the Moon provides an avenue for peer learning, a dynamic process where students can share insights, techniques, and diverse perspectives. This collaborative approach not only enriches the learning experience but also enhances the collective skill set of the group. In and beyond our classes together, students are encouraged to share their learning and experiences as a way to bolster that of their peers. As aspiring doulas, the ability to draw from a pool of varied knowledge is an invaluable asset in providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our clients.

After Graduation: A Lifelong Network

The connections and friendships forged during the doula program at By the Moon extend beyond graduation day. Some of our students have even crossed international borders to come together in the flesh. The relationships cultivated with fellow students can blossom into a lifelong network of professional support. In the ever-evolving landscape of birth work and reproductive care, having a network of peers from By the Moon can open doors to collaboration, job opportunities, and ongoing professional development.

 The bonds formed with peers contribute significantly to personal and professional growth. From keeping each other accountable to practicing the art of holding space, these connections become enduring pillars of success during the doula program and throughout one's career. These connections are part of the beauty of attending a small and close-knit school like By the Moon.


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