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Is reflexology safe in pregnancy?

Woman receiving reflexology during pregnancy

Not only is reflexology safe during pregnancy, pregnancy may be one of the most beneficial times to receive reflexology on the feet or hands. Pregnant women love reflexology.

During pregnancy the body undergoes more natural changes than almost any time of life. The pregnant body is producing 50% more blood, the uterus will expand 500 to 1000 time original size, the body grows a whole new organ (the placenta) in addition to one or more additional human bodies. Due to changes in posture, fluid levels, center of gravity and body weight it's also completely normal to experience normal aches and pains. Some level of edema is normal during pregnancy, especially in the feet and lower legs as nature's IV bag in preparation for birth. It becomes harder and harder to reach the feet. And while the feet carry more and more body weight they also undergo significant changes. Many women crave reflexology during this time.

Many people wonder if reflexology is safe during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time where almost everything comes with a warning or a caution. Even many reflexologists will air on the side of caution and may prefer not to offer reflexology during pregnancy due to a lack of education in reproductive reflexology specifically or misinformation.

Not all reflexologists have experience with or training for offering reflexology during pregnancy.

Reflexology is safe during all stages of pregnancy. Reflexologists who lack confidence or knowledge about pregnancy reflexology should see out additional training from a reflexology trainer who does have experience working with clients at all stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Clients who want to receive reflexology during pregnancy would also benefit from visiting a reflexologist who has experience and reproductive reflexology training.

It's not that reflexology is not safe during pregnancy but confidence is a requirement for the deep relaxation that reflexology can offer. If a reflexologist feels insecure or a client lacks confidence in her reflexologist, it won't be a great session.

Reproductive reflexology training should include information about the various health conditions that are unique to pregnancy, the various stages of pregnancy, how to position a pregnant person comfortably for their session and more. By the Moon's Fertility and Maternity Reflexology Training program also includes information about the stages of labour, how to hold space and provide emotional support during complicated pregnancies or pregnancy and infant loss, information about supporting clients with infertility and more.

By the Moon's pregnancy reflexology training was developed and is taught by a reflexologist who is also a doula who has attended births, supported clients with infertility and all kinds of pregnancy experiences as a reflexologist with 20 years of experience. It's like a mini doula course for reflexologists. Reflexologists who take this pregnancy reflexology training will gain so much confidence and knowledge to expand their services by offering reflexology in pregnancy. Clients can also feel confident receiving reflexology from a By the Moon trained reflexologist. Learn more about By the Moon Fertility & Maternity Reflexology training.


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