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6 Reasons why teens should consider the doula and holistic career path

Michelle Stroud
Michelle in 2010 when she was already 7 years into her holistic health career

Now that I have worked in the holistic health and wellness industry for 23 years, I can appreciate more fully how unique I was to have chosen the maternity reflexology and doula career path when I was still in high school. As the owner of an international holistic health school I have observed that the majority of our inquiries about training come from women who are aged 30 - 60 years old. Almost all of our students have started with much more conventional careers as nurses, teachers and corporate jobs that they found unfulfilling until they had to make the switch to something that felt more like a calling. Perhaps it takes that long for most people to find the courage to take the chance with holistic entrepreneurship. Perhaps it's the pressure we feel as young adults to choose sensible work that makes sense to the people around us. Or maybe it takes that long for people to get to know themselves fully and what makes them happy.

It amazes me that I discovered reflexology at such a young age. I didn't know a reflexologist, I had never heard of reflexology until I discovered a book about it at the library. I'm so glad I did! Perhaps it was my destiny. Because this work is less conventional, it isn't talked about to young people. Guidance counsellors probably never think of it. These kinds of modalities are taught in small private schools while most young people look to course calendars from larger colleges and universities so these options are easily overlooked.

Reasons why young women should consider Holistic Reproductive Practitioner work

  1. Entrepreneurship is a process. In the early days of building a holistic wellness business, we may spend as much time networking and marketing as we do with our clients. Clientele builds over time as our community becomes more aware of us and the benefits of what we offer. Balancing business building with mothering is possible and our alumni are proof of that, but I had the advantage of building my business during a time in my life where I could pour myself fully into my work. By the time I had my son at 27 my business was established enough that I could easily return to it when he was old enough without having to start at the beginning.

  2. Holistic entrepreneurship gives mothers the flexibility to have balance with their family while also contributing to the household income. Because I made my own hours I could see clients after my husband was home from work or I could choose to see clients on some Saturday mornings. If my family needed more of me at certain stages I could limit the hours I was available and then open more hours up at times when they needed me less. This may have been my number one determining factor when I chose this career path. My mom worked rotating 12 hour shifts in a factory. I knew I wanted to work, but I also wanted to be present with my family as much as possible.

  3. Women need to learn about reproductive holistic health at a younger age. It's never too late to fully connect with your cycles and the signals our bodies give us about our state of health or dis-ease. However, too many times I have witnessed older women experiencing grief when they learn about their body and how amazing it was and the things they never knew. So many of us are prescribed birth control pills or referred for assisted reproductive technology like IUI or IVF to manage the symptoms of reproductive health conditions and imbalance when it can be so easy to heal our bodies and our cycles naturally. Infertility is on the rise and we need more young women learning this sooner and spreading the information and healing to other young women.

  4. It is a valid, fulfilling and purposeful career choice. It's so easy to follow the paths more frequently travelled due to a lack of knowledge about the other potential paths. For young women who have a spiritual curiousity, who are wonderful listeners and empaths, for young women who feel connected to nature and want to help others - this is soul's work. Yes we can make a living doing it. In the past two decades the demand for this kind of support has only increased and that increase has become exponential.

  5. Young women don't consider themselves experienced enough to be good doulas. I really wish more young women had the confidence to start doula work early in their adult lives. I started actively attending births as a doula when my son was a year old, so it can certainly be done! However, I do wish that I had started that part of my work sooner. Young doulas who start their doula careers before they have their own children have the advantage of living their best on call life! To not have to worry about childcare as a doula would be so much easier! Younger women also handle late nights, all nighters and lack of sleep so much better than I do now. I feel like the majority of doulas miss this sweet spot in life when we could enjoy the work even more, if only we didn't fall for the myth that giving birth is some kind of a prerequisite to offering births support. Read more about this limiting belief about doulas and birth experience.

  6. Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training is much less expensive and much less demanding than many other post secondary education options. Our students often work part-time or full-time jobs while also completing their studies. For students that don't have access to many funds for college or university or for students who don't want to accrue a lot of debt, this is a great option. Training is flexible and can be completed from anywhere. The in person portion of training is optional although highly recommended and is one week long. Many of our students build their holistic wellness business while also maintaining another job and transition into full time entrepreneurship (or as I say, as busy as they want to be).

These are just some of the reasons why more young women should consider Holistic Reproductive Practitioner work. If you know a young person who is exploring their options, or a guidance counsellor or works with teens, send them this article! In addition to the many mature women I mentor in this fulfilling venture, I'd love to meet more of the young Michelle's out there. I'm proof that not only is this a great path, but it can be a very successful and sensible one as well!


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