Mission Statement and Vision

By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner instructors, students

and graduates commit to holding a high standard of honesty, integrity,

and kindness with each other, with clients, with their community and

with other professionals. 


By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner instructors, students

and graduates lead by example by living by these ideals.

We commit to collaboration.

The competitive model of business is outdated and does not contribute to success, abundance, self growth and healing of the whole. The nature of the universe teaches us that supporting the success of others contributes to the success of all, including ourselves. By the Moon instructors, students and graduates engage only in collaborative uplifting engagement with others both in person and in online interactions.

We commit to continuous learning.

By the Moon training emphasizes the importance of ongoing learning in a variety of ways. By the Moon instructors, students and graduates commit to staying current on the latest evidence, continuous expansion of knowledge from books, from our clients, from other professionals and other training opportunities. 

We commit to self development and healing.

We can only take others as far as we have come is a key mantra of By the Moon. Continuous growth through self healing through healthy daily practices, self healing practices and with the healing guidance and support of other professionals using a variety of modalities allows By the Moon instructors, students and graduates the opportunity to dig deep into their own work so they can lead by example. We are models to our clients, community and other professionals. Deep self work is where the greatest learning occurs and contributes to a thriving successful professional practice. 

We commit to being sacred space holders.

For each other, for our clients, for other professionals and for our communities. We hold a vision for the growth, healing and evolution of all for the greater good of all. We hold space for others that they may develop greater self awareness and wholeness in their own unique way. 

We commit to a truly holistic model.

Body, Mind. Spirit. Each component is integral to health of the whole, not just on the individual level. We honour that we are all connected and that by supporting the healing of one, even if it is ourself, that we are healing the whole. By the Moon instructors, students and graduates understand that we are all connected.

Course Outline


Healing Support for Students

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