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I was a better mom because I am a holistic health entrepreneur

doula mom teaching about birth

I recently visited some of our successful Holistic Reproductive Practitioner students. While I was with them we exchanged sessions, I got to see their professional in home or clinic treatment rooms and we chatted about their businesses. 


When we talked about what they love about holistic entrepreneurship there was a common theme. Time flexibility.


Each of the By the Moon holistic health alumni that I met with told me that their reflexology, Reiki and doula businesses allowed them the flexibility to do work they loved while also being there for their families. They talked about how their client sessions fit around volunteering at school, going to their kids games and being with their kids before or after school. It reminded me of my own motivations for becoming a holistic entrepreneur. 


I didn’t have children when I decided I wanted to be a reflexologist but I knew that it was part of my plan. Having grown up with a mom who worked 12 hour shifts at a factory, I couldn’t imagine having a regular job and potentially being home just for supper and bedtime. I didn’t want my future children to be raised by other people.

I really wanted to be there, but I also wanted to make an income and have work that I loved. 


My son is 17 now. He’s grown up with a holistic entrepreneur mom. I was the one to drive him to school each morning when he was little and I was there when the bell rang every afternoon. At some stages of life I saw my reflexology clients in the evenings so my son was always with either my husband or I. Other stages of life I worked during school hours booking off time for school events or field trips. Sometimes I saw clients on Saturday mornings when my family was relaxing at home so I could come back to join them for something fun for the rest of the weekend. 

I loved that I got to build my business around my family’s needs at every stage.


It’s really common to worry that you won’t have time to learn a new trade or build a business when you’re also taking care of your family. It’s expected to fear that you won’t be successful as a holistic entrepreneur because of your other responsibilities.


We designed our courses to give you the flexibility that you need so you can study and practice your skills around your already busy schedule. We have even included practice marketing exercises into your online curriculum so you can start building your holistic business while you’re still learning. We don’t believe in waiting until after you’re certified to start building your business! We want you to hit the ground running when you receive your certificate.


We’ll teach you how to determine who your target market is, how to network in your community, how to create online content and more! After all, what good are amazing reflexology, Reiki or doula skills if you don’t have an abundance of clients to use them on?


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