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Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Loss

Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Loss is now available as a fully online training with interactive live online seminars, recorded lectures, a comprehensive 320 page printed manual and many additional resources for marketing, business, personal development, for clients and more.

This course is a cumulation of experience and knowledge from nearly two decades of work supporting clients who were struggling with infertility, experiencing morning sickness, edema, breech/malposition of the baby, stalls in labour progress during birth and more using energy healing practices including Reiki. 

The mind-body connection is always a factor in every condition or dis-ease and by better understanding how conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, PCO or morning sickness manifest, what patterns, beliefs or feelings are associated with each, how sometimes these conditions can be associated with inherited traumas and more. By better understanding the manifestation of these conditions we can help our clients understand themselves, support them in releasing, healing and moving energy that no longer serves them, provide ceremonies and practices that can release energy imprints from traumatic births and loss, as well as how to use Reiki to support them in their healing. 

By the Moon's Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Loss manual includes a sessions guide for a long list of reproductive conditions, a manifestation guide specifically for conception and birth and a generous section dedicated to one's own self development and healing. 

This course is deeply enjoyable with a combination of practical tools and techniques, science and physiology, psychology and emotions and the esoteric and spiritual nature of humans.

Prerequisites: All students must have completed a minimum of Reiki I and II with any teacher or school. Reiki I and II are available online through By the Moon. 


Michelle offering Reiki during childbirth  2016

Online training includes:

  • 4 live interactive online seminars

  • recorded lectures

  • practical training resources

  • a comprehensive manual and guidebook

  • one on one and group support

  • regular online check-ins

Tuition: $450 or $475 payable in 3 monthly installments

Dates and Times:

Live online classes are on Mondays at 1:30pm ET. Allow for up to 2 hours for online classes.

September 19, October 17, November 14 and December 12


Note: Allow yourself additional time for weekly reading, lectures and assignments

Refund Policy

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