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Holistic Business Building: Tips from the experts

Network, network, network

women networking

This doesn't have to be as painful as it might sound to the introverts who are reading this. Yes you may have to push yourself to get out the door, but once you're with like minded people whether they are other entrepreneurs from your community or other holistic health enthusiasts, you'll find the relationships can be beneficial for many different reasons.

I've been polling our alumni who are out there successfully offering healing services in their community what has been the most effective thing to reach their future potential clients and this has been the most common response I've received.

The worst thing you can do for your business is solely rely on the marketing you can do from your phone. If you put all of your energy into social media and never meet people face to face, most of us who are as busy as we want to be agree, you probably won't get to the point where we are.

Social media can be great for staying top of mind for the people who already know you, reminding people of the ways you can meet their needs or to share news and nurture relationships, but meeting people in person is a crucial piece of the marketing pie.

Jess Levasseur from Nurtured Holistics in Cornwall, Ontario says "Get out there and make connections. Whether that's going to networking events and meeting other local entrepreneurs or community events to meet future clients, it brings awareness to what you do and who you are." Jess has even organized a trade show event in her community for businesses like hers who support people through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You can also check out what Jess is doing on Instagram here.

Most communities have women in business type networking groups in addition to more traditional business networking events. These can be a great source of relationships that turn into collaborations and referrals but this isn't the only way we network when we are building a holistic health business.

Heather Litster from Heather's Holistics in Peterborough, Ontario recommends connecting with community not strictly for client seeking. "Go to events that leaders and experts in your community are hosting. The more people see you and get to know you, the more likely they'll recommend you even if they haven't themselves been your client. It's also more likely that other small business owners and wellness practitioners will want to support you because you support them. Plus, these events can feel a bit more low pressure. That old scarcity mindset of "someone else is doing it so I can't win" is not helpful. We all have something different and unique to offer."

Whether you have a table at a trade show or market, planning small lunch meetings with a few other practitioners, going to your local chamber of commerce breakfast event or getting out there to community yoga classes or sound baths, being an active member in your small business and wellness community is an important step in the recipe of holistic health business success.

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