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Bodily Autonomy

The past couple of years, bodily autonomy has become a topic of intense debate again. Whether it's vaccine mandates or pregnancy terminations that are triggering strong feelings on either end of the spectrum, humans remain divided. Sometimes people are even divided depending on the issue and it's been my observation that some folks aren't even fully aware that they feel very strongly for bodily autonomy on one of these issues and very strongly against bodily autonomy on the other. How can this be?

The reality is, this is one of those issues that is very nuanced. We wish it were a simple black and white, right and wrong topic, but it isn't and never will be. One's religious or spiritual views, their soul age, their experiences, friends and family, and even the propaganda that exists in their particular algorithm of information is all going to influence their position.

Fear has also been a driving force in this conversation unfortunately, as have politics. I am under no illusion that people and corporations who have an exorbitant amount of power use fear and division to gain even more power and control. Keeping people divided keeps people from remembering their true essence and how powerful they are. People who remember their oneness with each other and all things are sovereign, intuitive, empathetic, and in right relationship with each other and the earth.

Rather than debate whether bodily autonomy is something that should be protected at all costs, no matter what the issue is or whether there are situations where it's okay to take one's rights to their body away from them for the benefit of another, in this post I am suggesting that we remember our oneness. And in that oneness, we are each having our own unique experience of this dream called life. A spectrum of young souls to old souls or rather for some, people of different faiths, religions or beliefs. We each have our own unique history behind us that influences what matters to each of us, we are all exposed to different knowledge and if anything in life is simple, this isn't.

Do I have a personal position on bodily autonomy? Absolutely! My two decades of work as a doula, my spiritual beliefs and my personal experiences create strong feelings about this issue. I am very passionate about bodily autonomy. However, I can also appreciate that I am the only person who has my lived experience and that each other person has their own unique lived experience that influences how they feel about this topic.

This is an opportunity to transcend ego and to become the observer's of another's belief as interesting.

When fear comes you may appreciate the words of my buddhist meditation teacher from many years ago. Another student asked him "When we see on the news that terrible things are happening in the world, what should we do?" His response was "Become enlightened as quickly as possible."

We can fight every year about bodily autonomy, the pendulum can swing this way and that way on this topic making some people feel protected and then the next swing feel violated or enraged. What if that is intentional? What if we are collectively calling in an opportunity to become aware of this illusion called life and stop taking ourselves so seriously and remember our oneness? Not everyone will, but what happens if you do? What if you transcend fear and separateness?


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