Learn holistic healing information and practical techniques. Body, mind and spirit investment in real self care and education. Must attend both days (2 hours each)

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What is energy and how is it connected to emotion? What are simple energy healing techniques that you can practice for body, mind and spirit health? How do emotions connect to illness, specifically reproductive conditions?

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A healthy planet is a vital aspect of our overall holistic health. Our relationship with our mother is an important aspect of healing the feminine and By the Moon training. 

By the Moon is committed to a low carbon footprint and is continuously working to offset emissions, reduce the use of resources and travel and offers students options to choose digital manuals and completely online learning if they desire to help be a part of this change. 

Trees are planted in honour of each new By the Moon student, often in their province or state if possible. 

Trees planted since Aug 14, 2020:   144

Holistic Reproductive Health Training
Maternity relexology student practicing tecniques on a person who is 9 months pregnant

Holistic Doula Training and Certifications for Fertility, Birth, Postpartum and Loss plus full Reflexology Training and Certification and Reiki/Energy Healing Training and Certifications in one comprehensive two year program.

In person and online training options available.

Start in September or March. Next application deadline: August 14, 2020


Full Reflexology Training and Certification including Fertility and Maternity Reflexology. 

Separate online Fertility and Maternity Reflexology training available for Certified Reflexologists.

Online training now available with new video resources and correspondence options. Start anytime.

By the Moon reflexology training is accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada.


All levels of Usui Reiki training including Usui Reiki Shoden (first degree), Okuden (second degree), Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Teacher training.


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