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What if I fail?

If this isn't one of the biggest blocks that stops people from fulfilling their purpose, then I don't know what is. Being judged by others would rank high up there as well.. It's been really interesting. Since I started offering QHHT hypnosis sessions, one of the common questions everyone has for their higher self is "what is my purpose?" or "am I on the right path?" I love QHHT sessions because it's a great way to help the people I support in getting the guidance, healing and information they need to live fully. It's also becoming so evident how many of you are hesitating (huge understatement) to take the next steps on your journey. So many of you are compelled and drawn to helping others. You've had life experiences that have prepared you for this work. You're already doing it in your personal relationships.. but you're afraid.. and you're admitting to it when you're in deep trance.

So, it's normal. It's okay to be scared. Feel the fear and do it anyway is the repetitive message that keeps coming out of your own mouths from your higher self or over soul. You're really annoyed with yourselves and putting it off because of fear. So let's break down some of those fears.. it's a very powerful exercise in awareness and release work.

But first, before I unpack the fears - one more little share from a recent QHHT session. One of my clients (and students) asked herself in trance if she was on the right path to which she responded "FINALLY!" I had a chuckle. We'll use the example of starting a By the Moon training program as an example of something some people aren't doing because of the fear "What if I fail?" I don't think very many people are afraid of failing the course. I think a lot of the fear that prevents people from following this dream is a fear of failing at putting their education into practice, not getting clients, not being successful in building a business - just not doing it. I do this exercise in sessions with my clients all of the time. Fear comes up in conception journeys, pregnancy and birth a lot. 1. Identify the fear. Admit it. Say it out loud. "I'm afraid I won't be a successful practitioner" 2. Then what? I ask my clients then what all of the time. They often look a bit surprised and realize this is the first time they've even considered going beyond the first step of acknowledging the fear. The answer might be something like "Well, then I will have paid for this training, got my hopes up, fallen in love with the work, invested time.. and it would be for nothing." or "Then people who didn't believe in me would get confirmation that they were right, that I couldn't do it." (This one makes me so sad, but it's definitely a human trait).

3. So what.. Let's keep going with this. Let's keep unpacking the potential reality that one would invest time and money in training and not be successful in building a practice. What would that mean? It would mean that they have spent two years connecting with like minded people, have built relationships that inspire, support and contribute to mutual growth, have learned and practiced techniques that contribute to one's own healing physically, emotionally and spiritually, have dreamt and been inspired, had one's mind expanded into new areas that they didn't know existed, and perhaps have been lead to the next amazing thing on their journey, even if it wasn't their original destination. Whether it's a course, or putting your previous training into practice or starting a business or anything else. Don't let fear block you or slow you down. Unpack the fear, hold space for it and take the next step. 15 years from now you might find yourself in a QHHT session in deep trance telling yourself FINALLY.. live your life fully. The world needs us to do the things. Go and do your thing!


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