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Where we are going in 2024 as a Doula, Reiki and Reflexology Training School

2023 was a great year for By the Moon. In fact, as I reflect on the last 3 years, despite all of the struggles that forced us to continuously pivot, adapt and evolve, it was all worth it. We were forced to think outside of the box about what was possible with online learning and using technology in the holistic health education realm and it's made our programs even better than previous years and more accessible for more people.

We improved how we deliver online courses to make them even better and even more accessible, we made even more resources so students can review and practice their skills when and where it's convenient for them and we'll continue to add to our growing archive of bonus materials so our alumni can continue to be the best, most supported and most successful doulas, reflexologists and Reiki practitioners.

Looking forward to 2024 here is some of what you can expect in the world of reflexology training, Reiki training and doula training with By the Moon.

1. More in person training options.

Last year we finally saw the return in demand for in person learning. While we are keeping all of the great changes we've made in accessible online learning we are so excited that so many of you are ready and wanting in person, retreat like learning experiences again. We have already been busy traveling to locations all over Canada delivering in person classes and training new trainers and we intend to keep increasing that trend to meet your desires for these memorable, fun and confidence boosting in person connections.

2. Growing our team, again!

We welcomed 3 new reflexology teaching assistants to our train the trainer program in 2023. We are currently developing our cross training program to welcome reflexology trainers and doula trainers from more areas in North America to our By the Moon training team. You are no longer required to be an alumni of By the Moon to be considered for one of our teaching opportunities. This expansion will continue to make By the Moon doula and reflexology training more accessible meeting more of the demand for in person training opportunities in more communities.

3. Collaborating with small businesses to host our trainings

As we continue to add more dates and locations to our training schedule in 2024 we are looking for other small businesses, yoga studios, wellness stores and spaces who would like to host some of our in person training experiences. It's important to us that as we grow, we continue to support and work with similar small businesses in other communities. We can pay rent to hotels and similar event venues and marketing dollars to Google of Meta, but our preference is to support similar small businesses to our own and pay our affiliates for their referrals with our marketing and training budgets.

4. New format for our Holistic Reproductive Practitioner and Holistic Full Spectrum Doula training programs.

How we have delivered our courses has evolved a lot over the past five years. We are continuously reflecting on and responding to our students needs to make our training programs even more accessible, more convenient, and catered more to your success as a doula, reflexologist, Reiki practitioner or Holistic Reproductive Practitioner.

Our Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training program is now being offered in a new way! Previously our HRP students completed the requirements for their reflexology, Reiki 1 and 2, Holistic Full Spectrum Doula, Fertility & Maternity Reflexology and Fertility & Maternity Reiki courses over a two year period with 2 hour live online seminars offered regularly during that time period. We have now condensed all of the live online seminar curriculum into 3 full weekends + 2 additional Saturdays of online learning in 6 months. We recognize that most of our students have already busy schedules of work, parenting, and other obligations. This is the same amount of online learning but packed into full weekends instead of scattered out over 2 years. Students are still allowed up to 2 years to complete all course requirements including assignments, required readings and practical requirements or they can complete all certifications much quicker. We are currently working on new formats for doula training including in person training options for 2024.

5. By the Moon membership

It's finally here. We have even more benefits to offer our current and past alumni to help you grow successful holistic health businesses, receive referrals, receive continuing education and more. We will be rolling out our new membership plan in coming weeks.

By the Moon Reiki Fertility and Maternity students

Thank you!

I'm so glad it's 2024. The past few years have been a rollercoaster. It wasn't always obvious that the decisions and changes we had to make would serve us so well at the time, but here we are. Enrolment in our programs is higher than ever. Our team is growing. We have even more ways to connect and support each other. Our communities individual holistic businesses are growing and thriving. I can't help but reflect on the past in gratitude and am so excited for what comes next!


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