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Balancing babies, work and reflexology training - Kristina's story

Kristina Fridman, Certified Reflexologist, Kitchener, Ontario
Kristina Fridman, Certified Reflexologist, Kitchener, Ontario

Kristina Fridman is in Kitchener, Ontario and serves clients in Kitchener, Cambridge and surrounding areas as a By the Moon Certified Reflexologist.

What obstacles did you face when you were trying to complete your reflexology certification?

I have 2 kids, 3.5 and 2 years old and no daycare. I work another full time job from home that tracks how long it takes me to answer each lead (standard is less then 15 min) (also it’s 24 hours a day-on call) and I was realizing this was so difficult because my kids weren’t understanding why mommy has to always stop what she’s doing to work.  I also take care of my entire household, ie. cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

How did you balance other obligations with your studies?

I'm the type of person that knows if I want something, I will do whatever I need to do to make it happen. Short term extreme pain for a long term gain, and the kids really inspired me to do so. I never lost sight of the fact that the difficult parts of the process are just temporary, and if you dig really deep, you’ll shock yourself with how powerful and strong you can be. I try to remember these are all examples my kids will hopefully learn from in the future.

I studied reflexology before the kids woke up, after the kids went to bed andany moment I got - my 2 computers were constantly open as I cooked, prepared kids lunches etc. I did my practice sessions on volunteer clients while the kids were running around in my living room, and took advantage of having a husband that loves reflexology, nightly. 

What tips or tricks did you use for memorization, studying or discipline with completing course requirements?

I asked a lot of questions, spoke to other reflexologists, and listened to details that Michelle mentioned including working up to the firm pressure that Michelle encourages us to do. I also took my kids dolls and diagrams of the body and “taught” them all of the different areas on the body, nervous system etc. I know that they didn't retain the details, but they do know what each system does! I incorporated my kids into my studies, and would talk out what I learned to whoever would listen. The more I put it into my own words, the more I comprehended and memorized. 

Was there anything specific that we shared or said that helped you succeed?

Michelle’s comments about pressure. My clients now say it’s a distinguishing factor in why they keep coming back. WE NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS. Also for someone who did the reflexology course online, watching the videos really helped so I understood the techniques better. Also Michelle was so wonderful about answering my questions, and I feel like I called or emailed A LOT. 

What area do you serve?

I serve Kitchener, Waterloo Cambridge, but have clients from Toronto, Woodstock, New Hamburg, Ayr, and Elmira. (I feel very blessed that people drive the distance) 

How can people find you online?

What other services do you offer in addition to reflexology?

I also offer reiki and acupressure, I’ve actually brought my father on to do the acupressure, and assist me with reiki and reflexology overflow and couples reiki and reflexology sessions.


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