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Pink light healing

This is a repost from my old blog, originally posted over five years ago, but timeless. I occasionally dig it up for clients to use in their own healing work and it's a technique I have incorporated into Reiki sessions with client's when appropriate too. It is so simple but very powerful. I have used this technique many, many times for myself, to reduce any suffering I feel when I feel disconnected from, upset with or hurt by another person. I have found this technique to be very effective for my fertility clients who have reproductive health issues connected to suppressed mother wounds, for relationship challenges that surface in the last weeks of pregnancies when boundaries are shifting and mother instincts are starting to come online and for other unexpected life events such as infidelity, competition from other entrepreneurs and more.

This is a meditation that was shared with me years ago by a dear friend and Reiki Master. Now I am passing it on to you.

The pink light technique is a powerful tool that has been used throughout the ages to heal relationships - to heal suffering between the user and the subject. Use this technique once a day, no more than ten minutes, eventually getting down to five minutes. When approached innocently and without expectations, it's miraculous!

1. Put yourself in a loving space. Try to remember a time when you felt loved.

2. In your mind's eye picture loving Pink Light radiating from your heart, encompassing you in it - like it's a pink sphere surrounding you. If you can't visualize the Pink Light, that is fine, the intent is what's important.

3. Starting with someone who is easy to love at this time, maybe your partner or child and one at a time, bring a person in front of you - outside of the Pink Light. When possible have an image of them in a loving memory. In your mind's eye, picture yourself covering them with your Pink Light, as if you were icing a cake. Cover them, then let them go. Move on to the next person. If you cannot remember this person in a loving memory, just picture them in front of you. If you cannot do this, then bring them in, standing at a distance and/or facing away from you.

4. Try bringing in a neutral person. Someone who you know but whom you're not incredibly close with. Cover them or fill them with pink light and let them go.

5. Next, bring in anyone with who you still have an emotional charge or discomfort. Just as in step 3 and 4, cover them with the Pink Light and let them go.

5. Allow for anyone else to show up; cover them with the Pink Light and let them go.

6. Then, bring yourself outside of the Pink Light. Remember a most loving memory of yourself, and cover yourself with the Pink Light. Do not forget to do yourself - this last step is important.

Note: You will get a sense when someone doesn't need to be done anymore. Some will not show up for a while; others you didn't expect to see will suddenly appear to receive the Pink Light. Always do them. To learn how to support others in reproductive healing using this and other tools, visit our Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum or Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training pages.

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