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Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Course Outline

An intensive multi certification training program to prepare students to provide information, emotional, physical and healing support to a broad spectrum of clients, with a special focus on reproduction. 


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, course participants will have acquired competency in a variety of techniques and modalities to support all people in health naturally. Students will receive additional specialized training in fertility and infertility, pregnancy, birth, pregnancy and infant loss and postpartum. Successful graduates will receive certificates for Reflexology, Energy Healing, Fertility, Birth & Postpartum Doula as well as their Holistic Reproductive Practitioner certificate. Upon successful completion, course participants will be prepared to confidently establish their own holistic health practice and may work independently or as part of a professional practice with other practitioners or health care providers. 

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Doula students, Belleville, Ontario 2012

You can only take others as far as you yourself have come.

Instructional Methods

A variety of learning styles have been considered in the design of this training program. Learning will include live online seminars, recorded lectures, independent reading and assignments, group work, quizzes, oral presentations, optional in person practical training, practical session requirements, written and practical exams. 

Course Materials

Students will be provided By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Manuals for Reflexology, Energy Healing and Doula training, including additional intensive curriculum focusing on fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, loss and trauma, as well as The Healing Touch, by William Lee Rand. Allow approximately $200 per year for additional required or recommended texts. 

Students will have access to a secure online area with additional resources including recorded lectures, assignment lists, timelines and other resources. 

A computer with word processing, high speed internet (with sufficient bandwidth to participate in live online seminars), a mic and web cam are required for training. 

Course Content
  • Fertility anatomy and physiology

  • Prenatal anatomy and physiology

  • Female reproductive cycles

  • Charting

  • Male fertility

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology

  • Skeletal system and conditions

  • Muscular system and conditions

  • Urinary system and conditions

  • Digestive system and conditions

  • Circulatory system and conditions

  • Lymphatic system and conditions

  • Respiratory system and conditions

  • Nervous system and conditions

  • History of reflexology

  • Foot conditions

  • Reflexology techniques

  • Reflexology foot procedure

  • Case studies

  • Fertility, maternity, and postpartum reflexology considerations

  • Introduction to energy healing

  • Meditation

  • The Reiki Principles

  • Reiki Placements (formerly known as attunements)

  • Daily Practices and Self care

  • The Chakra system

  • Pregnancy conditions

  • Grounding, protection and clearing

  • Energy Healing for Fertility

  • Energy Healing during Pregnancy

  • Energy Healing at Birth

  • Energy Healing after Loss

  • Energy Healing for Trauma

  • Client intake

  • Marketing and business

  • Emotional anatomy

  • Practical energy healing sessions exchange

  • Reiki symbols

  • Treatment rooms/Where to work

  • Distance healing

  • Ceremony work

  • Energetic release

  • Womb regression

  • Inner child work

  • Business basics

  • Traditional marketing

  • Social media and websites

  • Bookkeeping for holistic practitioners

  • Collaboration

  • What is a Doula?

  • What is a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner?

  • History of birth attendants

  • Embryonic and fetal development

  • Pregnancy conditions

  • Sensitivity training and inclusion

  • Surrogacy

  • Complicated pregnancies

  • Stages of labour

  • Fetal position

  • Mother/parent/birthing person position

  • Prenatal screening

  • Birth options and interventions medical

  • Cesarean birth

  • VBAC

  • Collaboration and professionalism

  • Advocacy

  • Doula tools

  • Comfort measures

  • Water birth

  • Home birth

  • Reflexology at birth

  • Energy Healing at birth

  • Spectrum of births

  • Birth trauma healing (for practitioners or parents)

  • Birth after trauma

  • Pregnancy and infant loss

  • Loss birth support

  • Birth after loss

  • Keepsakes

  • Birth and postpartum after infertility

  • Agreements and contracts

  • Self care

  • The first hour

  • The first weeks

  • Postpartum visits

  • Reflexology postpartum

  • Energy Healing postpartum

  • Infant feeding

  • Breastfeeding troubleshooting

  • Postpartum parenting

  • Babywearing

  • Nourishing food and herbs

  • Surrender

Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum class in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2016

Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum class, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2016

Holistic doula school

Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum class, Batawa, Ontario 2017

reflexology training Ontario

Reflexology class, Belleville, Ontario 2019

Doulas learning advanced comfort measures for childbirth in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Advanced Comfort Measures for Childbirth workshop, Cambridge, Ontario 2015

doula learning reflexology on a pregnant client

Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training,, Belleville, Ontario 2019

Reflexology training Canada

Students will be encouraged to use a variety of tools to prepare for exams including quizzes, study guides and practice sessions. ​
100% attendance at in person training is now optional. *See below. In the event that a life event prevents a participant from being able to attend in person training, training at another location or the following year may be arranged under some circumstances. Students who are attending births will be asked to make backup doula/practitioner arrangements during in person training so they can attend. 
80% attendance in live online seminar training is required. Students will be evaluated on participation in addition to attendance. 

Students will be graded on attendance, participation, assignments, written and practical exams and practical session records for reflexology and Reiki.

An overall grade of 80% is required to receive the By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner certificate. 

Location, Dates & Distance Training Options

All training can be completed online and via correspondence. All course participants now have the option of attending 5 days of retreat style in person practical training at any time during their program.

Students can complete distance training requirements and still choose to attend in person training when possible and desired or complete distance training options and still receive full certification. 

New additional online resources have been created to supplement existing curriculum so that all course offerings will still be fully delivered in a different way even if students cannot or choose not to be present for in person training. 

Offering a fully distance training option is also in resonance with By the Moon's commitment to be in right relationship with the earth. By giving students the option to complete all course requirements via distance training, we can reduce our individual and collective global footprints.


A fully distance training option also allows more students to enrol who otherwise may have been limited financially or by locale to participate. 

Lectures and lessons will be scheduled weekly with the exception of reading weeks and winter break. Students should allow for up to 5 hours weekly to complete their studies or students can choose a condensed program to complete training in a shorter period of time.

Learn about practical skills training options, in person versus online.

Next course start date:
NEW - Start your training any time! Request a one on one meeting to discuss a customized program that meets your needs.

In person retreat style learning

Course locations for optional in person portion of training:

Nanaimo, British Columbia - Learn more!

February 6-10, 2023
Accommodations and meals provided

October 9 - 13, 2023

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Nanaimo, British Columbia

February 5 - 9, 2024

Accommodations and meals provided

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Tuition    Refund Policy


Mission and Vision

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