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Michelle and Tyler's experience with a Fertility and Birth Doula

It's Infertility Awareness Week. I have invited past and current clients to talk about how non-medical fertility support helped them on their journey to educate others about the need for holistic fertility support, to raise awareness about the struggles that people face and to inspire others to step into this much needed work. If you are a past or current fertility client, please feel welcomed to share your feedback whether a single sentence or a story. If you are interested in learning how to support fertility clients the way I do, wonderful! You can learn more about training opportunities here. This is what Michelle and Tyler had to share about their experience. I provided support to Michelle through her Fertility journey and then came to connect with Tyler through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Michelle: "Before seeing Michelle, I had only been seeing a medical professional for my fertility issues. I often sat for hours in waiting rooms waiting for my appt, the meetings were rushed and I never felt like I could discuss the real struggles, I was being told what to take and when and didn't feel like I had time to think things through or ask questions. It didn't feel like it was about me. That all changed with Michelle. Not only was I 100% supported, the energy work spilled into every aspect of my life, thus helping my husband too. The support was raw, open and honest and always, always driven by my needs. Due to some of the issues we had, I was still being seen by a Doctor while seeing Michelle. I would book appts with her immediately after my doctor so I could release what was brought up or have time to process. When we finally conceived, my dr told me it was likely that I would miscarry. I was already scared but Michelle helped me trust my body and work through emotions every day. Its so important to be grounded and connected during these times and we could not have gotten through with out holistic support." Tyler: "Beyond the fundamental importance of a safe and healthy birth, are in my opinion the vitally important psychological and emotional factors that come into play when you plan on having a baby and choosing a birth plan. Everyone deserves to have a birth experience that is free from trauma, humiliation and fear. Having continuous, one-on-one support from a knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced support Doula has been the best decision we ever made when it came to a birth plan. The support to self-advocate before, during and after labour so that our choices were heard and respected by the health-care practitioners was important to us and completely emulated by our Doula Michelle. The reassurance and constant presence of her was wonderful. The suggestions and physical assistance (Reiki, essential oils, sifting, etc.) was invaluable. I believe Michelle’s presence gave us more confidence. Michelle and I were a little anxious about finally having a full term pregnancy because we had tried for 2 years and didn’t know what to expect. There was some fear about all that would happen in labor and delivery. Michelle and I had no idea what to expect and no idea what would be “normal” during the labor and delivery process, and that was our main motivation for inviting Michelle Stroud to be our Doula. We first met her at home and instantly saw and felt her expertise and knowledge pour out. We knew she could provide for us the support and affirmation we needed during our birthing experience…and we were right. She was a God send during that very intense time. One of my greatest fears — having complications, never haunted me during the labor and delivery process as Michelle Stroud kept encouraging us that things were safely on track. She gave us great peace of mind and for that we are grateful!" You can read Michelle and Tyler's testimonials here.

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