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Empowerment through divinity

Energy work, manifestation or magic. These are our ancient sacred feminine arts. If these weren't so powerful we wouldn't have been indoctrinated away from them. Witches burned at the stake. Indigenous and pagan people have been forbidden from practicing their earth based spirituality and powerful healing practices all over the world throughout history. People in positions of power wanting more power replaced our ancestors practices of divination, creation, transformation and healing with religious but not spiritual rituals of sit, stand, kneel and repeat after me.

The feminine (energy not sex or gender) can create from intention and connection to the divine alone. At times in history where the feminine was revered equally with the masculine people were deeply connected to higher consciousness while also being fully engaged in the material world. When we are not deeply connected it is easy to be manipulated by smoke, mirrors and propaganda in the world of logic and thought. When connected to the divine we can easily see past distractions and can stay centred in our truth that we are all one. Balance of the feminine and the masculine brings peace, a more graceful path to enlightenment and wholeness. If it weren't so powerful, it wouldn't have been suppressed, punishable or dismissed for so long.

Now is a time for the feminine to really return to reverence. The masculine ways of creating, "healing" and being with each other is failing fast. The medical system which relies on the masculine tools, science and logic alone are contributing to a sicker population that is losing trust and credibility fast. Even logic is no longer logical, ideas are no longer rational. The masculine is dysfunctional without the balance of the feminine and we a

ll suffer as a result.

The magician in the tarot represents the masculine use of tools to build and take action in the real world. However, he points to the sky to represent his connection with the divine. He is grounded, but also connected and that's how magic happens. The feminine High Priestess has access to all of the divine knowledge. She can receive messages from higher states of consciousness because she is in stillness. Together the Magician and the High Priestess are powerful but without each other, there is dysfunction. The world is presently operating as the Magician without the connection to divinity. With only hammers to solve our problems, everything looks like a nail and we regress.

How can you be a part of the solution?

Embody the feminine

Make time for stillness. Tune out distractions and noise. Become aware of the chaos that is intentionally created but don't get caught up in the drama or fear based energy of the motivations or ones who aim to keep us disempowered. Whether you are aware of the motivations on a deeper level or not, fear based narratives work to keep the feminine suppressed. Some are afraid of what they want us to be afraid of, some are afraid of why they want us to be afraid. Fear based energy is fear based energy. Connect. Meditation. Moving meditation like yoga, ecstatic dance or nature walks, forest bathing, energy healing and guided visualizations are all examples of intentional stillness that reconnects you to your power.

Remember who you really are

We have collectively forgotten who we really are. If we remembered that we are all one, we wouldn't find ourselves divided on every issue. Taking time to remember that we are the embodiment of the earth and sky energies, that our tissues are made up of every living thing before us including our ancestors and past selves, that we are in constant energetic exchange with both the physical world and energy world taking in a little of each other and releasing a little of our own essence continuously. We breathe in the energy of the sun, moon, stars and sky, our tissues are made of the earth and water. In that remembering we connect to our divinity and the story becomes an illusion again.

Reclaim the sacred feminine arts

Divination, working with the elements (earth, water, air, fire, ether), plant medicines, energy healing, connection with rhythms of the earth (lunar phases, seasons etc.), alchemy, sacred womb practices and ceremony are all examples of our ancient ways. Is the tarot more powerful than the hammer? The tools of the masculine and the arts of the feminine bring balance and enhance the power of the other. Lean in to your remembering with devotion and reverence. I don't suggest this lightly. In our lifetimes not all have taken our connection to source energy as seriously as it is. I intend to help you remember how powerful you are.

More to come...


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