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A holistic guide to morning sickness

In pregnancy, people tend to look for natural remedies for nausea and vomiting. Not all people experience morning sickness in pregnancy, but for those that do, it can be an awful experience that significantly affects one's quality of life and ability to function.

The western medical system doesn't claim to understand much about morning sickness or nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Fortunately, Holistic Reproductive Practitioners have a body. mind and spirit approach that can even provide relief for some people instantly.

Morning sickness is not limited to the mornings but can affect pregnant people at any time of the day or night. It can affect some people only during the first trimester or it can continue throughout pregnancy. Many of our client's who experience nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy will experience heart burn in 2nd or 3rd trimester.


Digestion slows down during pregnancy. Excess hormones are metabolized and inactivated by the liver. Inactivated hormones are excreted from the liver into the stomach in bile. If digestion is not moving efficiently, these hormones can be reactivated in the gut by certain bacterias and reabsorbed into circulation causing hormonal imbalance and excess hormones.

Vitamin B6 deficiency is also known to cause nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Increase intake of foods high in vitamin B6 like dairy, salmon, eggs, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes or chickpeas, if possible.

Increasing soluble fibre intake daily can help eliminate excess hormones more easily through the digestive tract before getting reabsorbed. Try a small number of roasted almonds instead of crackers regularly through the day.

Schedule weekly reflexology sessions with a maternity reflexologist to help with digestion/elimination, hormonal balance and nausea.

Movement of the body helps with movement of the digestive tract, lymphatic system and circulation. Plan more walks, swimming or prenatal yoga.


Morning sickness can also be connected to suppressed emotions. Suppressed fear is a main root cause in the manifestation of morning sickness if most of our clients. It could be fear of miscarriage, fear of birth, fears about body changes, fears about relationship changes, fears about work, fears about motherhood etc. Usually these fears have not been expressed out loud. Sometimes people try not to think about their fears because they don't want to give them any energy/attention. Some people feel guilt or shame about their fears.

Not expressing or releasing these fears keeps them in the body where they manifest as nausea, vomiting or heartburn.


Write down fears and/or say them out loud. This releases them and they actually have less power than when we deny them.

Book a Reiki session with a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner regularly or as needed, depending on the level of stress. Talk to a friend, doula or Holistic Reproductive Practitioner who is good at holding space. Having your fears validated, rational or not, moves them out of the body. Symptoms often go away almost instantly!


Learn more about By the Moon's Holistic Reproductive Practitioner or Holistic Full Spectrum Doula training program's. You can request an information package or schedule a tea and chat with one of our trainers.


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