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Healing after a difficult birth

As many as 1 in 3 women report having a traumatic birth. Many of those suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Our experience giving birth can affect our experience as mothers and any other area of our life. It can change how we see ourselves as women, it can change our relationships with our partners, it can affect future births.

Whether your birth was recently or way in your past, if you struggle with how you were treated, what didn't work, how you feel about yourself or others, Reiki can help you release and it can promote healing of the wounds that others can't see. When a story is hard to speak, when it brings up emotions and physical sensations like choking, shaking or nausea, it still carries weight. We know we have healed from our experiences when the story is just a story, easily told. The energy from our wounds and our traumas add weight to our life, it can manifest as other physical conditions, it can prevent conception or impact how we are in the world. Reiki can give us a way to heal our wounds and release the energetic weight.

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