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Reiki for infertility

By the Moon students practice Reiki techniques for clients with infertility

By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner students learn how to use Reiki as an energy healing tool, combined with other healing techniques and comprehensive reproductive knowledge to provide a kind of fertility support that is unique to By the Moon.

When you understand that there are patterns and how symptoms point to past experiences, we can use our intuitive senses and broad practical knowledge to help clients deepen their awareness and understanding of their specific fertility journey. We can offer unique healing techniques and sessions that clients connect with that help them heal the unseen and conceive with more ease.

When we understand that birth trauma or grief can contribute to secondary infertility, that irregular cycles are linked to the feminine, that endometriosis has a relationship with our work or that surrender is necessary and when we have guidance as to how to work with individual clients to promote the necessary healing, the conception journey becomes empowering, optimistic, light, transformative and healing.

By the Moon students gain a deep understanding of the biological process of conception as well as the emotional and energetic needs of our clients. All students and practitioners receive a comprehensive sessions guide to navigate birth trauma healing, grief healing, healing the feminine and more. Students also gain plenty of hands on practical experience giving and receiving energy healing support using Reiki and other techniques with each other during the in person portion of training. Students are individually mentored and supported through their first 30 client sessions to support their individual confidence and success as energy healing practitioners.

Whether a client has a diagnosis (PCOS, endometriosis etc.) or unexplained infertility, or if they simply desire a more supportive and conscious conception journey, Reiki has profound benefits for all. Rarely are we accustomed to exploring the origins of our difficult experiences or conditions. Why do physical symptoms like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or male factor infertility manifest in some people but not in others? What is in need of healing? What is behind the mystery of unexplained infertility?

By the Moon training provides answers to questions about fertility that clients won't find anywhere else. Energy healing practitioners trained specifically in fertility and infertility can confidently provide emotional support while supporting clients in understanding the purpose or meaning behind these very difficult conception journeys and help empower clients in the healing process.

Clients have reported physical healing and noticeable improvements to their symptoms and cycles after their Reiki sessions and many contribute their conceptions to the energy healing support they received. Emotional health and feelings of well being are significantly improved. Fertility Reiki is available locally and via distance with equal benefit.

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