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Reiki Master Teacher training

When should someone do Reiki Master training?

I teach and feel strongly that the first level of Reiki training is a time of really focusing on learning about and connecting with universal energy for our own healing. It's a time to begin or continue looking in the mirror, being aware of our own shadow pieces and releasing our pain and fear and using energy to make this process more gentle, effective and a little more graceful.

There is the potential for people who are getting into healing work to be very focused outside of themselves, easily pointing out where other's pain and fear is without doing their own work and it is my intention to model and guide anyone who works with me as a student to make sure that we really get the importance of this as we become space holders for others. We are all wounded healers, but unaware wounded healers can cause more harm than good and if anything, if we do our own healing work and we are the only people that we heal in this lifetime, I think that's a worthy contribution to the whole.

In Level 2 Reiki we continue to focus on self healing and in addition we open to supporting others in their healing. We learn about distance healing, healing through time, emotional and mental healing specifically and more and this can be very beneficial to self and others.

Advanced Reiki / Reiki Master Training is for those who have utilized their training and attunements, understand Reiki and the practices they have committed to and are ready to take the commitment to the next level.

To me, a Reiki Master is someone who is ready to commit to living a Reiki life. Before level 1 training, we don't even really understand what Reiki is, but by now we not only understand it and have experienced what it can do for ourselves and others, but we also take it very seriously and can model that commitment to others. For example, some people will go to church, others will marry the church and become the priest. Our spiritual practice is becoming integrated with us. It's an even more serious commitment to doing our work, continuing with our own healing and supporting others.

To so many it seems that to be a Reiki Master is a label or identity, there's an ego hook that is still there. It becomes less about the marriage or commitment and more about status or identity.

Do you connect with Reiki on such a level that you are ready for that commitment? Some people can get there in a year and others may not feel like they really get it or are ready for it for 10 years, or longer.

What about the investment?

Someone who was looking at Reiki Master training with another Sensei asked me if I thought $1500 for Reiki Master training was reasonable? 100% In our lineage, Hawaya Takata charged $10,000 back in 1950 for Reiki Master training. I don't even know what that would be today with inflation. Why? It's about honouring what the Reiki Master title is. It's not about the business of it. It is about having students who get it, who realize what they are committing to and honouring the sacredness of this. With so many people rushing through levels to get to the Master level without taking this commitment as seriously as I've described, having a price that is $1000, $1500.. it gives people pause. If they aren't willing to exchange that amount of currency/energy, it may not be time yet to become a Reiki Master.

On the business side, a Reiki Master Teacher also has the option of attuning others, teaching classes at all levels in addition to offering sessions. $1500 is actually still too low in my opinion because it can be made back with a course or two of first degrees.

Having said all of that, I will never charge less than $1000 for Reiki Master training.

Who you do Reiki Master training with is 100% up to you and I have no ego attachment to any of my Reiki students doing Reiki Master training with me. Each of you that wishes to go to this level will find the class that you are meant to be in with the teacher that you are meant to have at the right time and if you become Reiki Masters, I will be so happy for you that you have continued on this path as I have.

So whether it is with me at a distance, or in person some time in the future, or with someone else who you have a special connection with, or someone who is available.. I'm confident your experience will serve you well. Follow your path.


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