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Menstrual Irregularities

The first step towards having healthier menstrual cycles is understanding what healthy is. Unfortunately in our society we accept pain, heavy flow or irregular cycles as something we should learn to live with.

Menstruation shouldn't disrupt our lives much. We could choose to slow down and rest during menses by listening to our bodies desire for a little extra self care, but forced disruption because of flooding, extreme fatigue, pain, bloating and other PMS symptoms are signs of imbalance. These may be common symptoms, but that doesn't mean they are normal.

As we get older, we tend to accept flooding as a normal part of female life. In the past year we have also seen even more menstrual irregularities in our clients after having covid or covid vaccines.

The female body is very good at telling us when it is out of balance. Early listening to this communication can prevent the need for more serious issues o

r intervention in the future.

I was humbled several years ago by the sudden onset of extremely painful periods followed by many months of excessive flooding. Fortunately I had the knowledge and skills to change the course of my life from one of potential hysterectomy to a return of health in my body. Holistic care for menstrual health considers many individual factors and a body, mind and spirit approach. Reflexology supports a return to hormonal balance by stimulating each of the endocrine glands through points on the feet, it can support healing of the womb by improving circulation to the organ, improving assimilation of nutrients and elimination of wastes. In addition, castor oil packs, energy healing, herbal support and abdominal massage can speed up the healing process even more.

Investing the time and care into our bodies can add quality and length to our lives. Listening to the

subtle or not so subtle messages from it is important.


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