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Helping you build your business in 2022!

Whether you are just starting out as a holistic health practitioner or if you're ready to really expand your business, 2022 is your year for growth, abundance, connections and success.

Growing a holistic health business quickly means knowing where to invest your time, what's important, what isn't worth your time or money, a little bit of technical know how and some energetic nurturing to keep you in the flow.

By the Moon's approach to business building is a combination of logic and manifestation. You can have all of the tools you need but if your energy is blocking your success, it won't bring you clients. And likewise, you can be in alignment but if your potential clients can't find you, you won't be successful.

Obviously our approach to business is as holistic as our approach to supporting clients.

We recognize that our students are passionate about helping their fellow humans but may not be as excited about building a business. Many find it overwhelming and get stuck before they even begin. This year, our approach is to take the anxiety out of business building. I am going to provide you with step by step how to's, simplify your options and prioritize what works. If you wish someone would just tell you what to do, that is my intention for this year!

I hope you are excited. I am excited! Make sure to keep me aware of your progress too. The more you ask questions, share your successes and give me feedback, the more personalized this journey will be for you.


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