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Anger is fire.

This morning I saw in the news that the UN has released another report about climate change and also little optimism that the world's governments and people will do what it needs to do to prevent all of the catastrophic things we're already experiencing because of our warming climate. I felt rage inside. It affected my morning. I found my way to my yoga mat and the fire inside me continued to burn. What's interesting is the wound that's being triggered is the exact same wound that is raw with all of the current happenings and discussion about sexual assault and Christine Blasey Ford in the US.

I've minimized my exposure to the constant bombardment of opinions and news in an effort to not get caught up in it more, but here it is, poked again. The wound cries "It doesn't matter." "Nobody cares!"

Mother Earth is the feminine. She's being assaulted for power and greed and when those who cry out for her do, little changes. The cries fall on deaf ears.

If what is happening to the people is mirrored in the whole, if women are being assaulted instead of being honoured and protected while the earth experiences the same, a holographic perspective asks us to look inside. It's easy to scream and shout and point fingers away from ourselves at the wrong doers, but how is that working for us? I believe in healthy expression of emotions as much as I struggle with that myself. The good girl says "Practice compassion. Remain diplomatic. Raise your vibration. Do yoga. Focus on the helpers." But the wounded goddess is raging and so she should. To repress our own emotions is to assault the feminine within ourselves. What happens outside of us is a reflection of what is happening inside of us. To be separate from it is the greatest illusion. What you see all around you, what triggers you and moves you to action is what longs for healing within yourself. Man, woman or otherwise, you have masculine and feminine within you. How are you suppressing your emotions, assaulting yourself, abusing your physical body, not protecting yourself, neglecting your intuition, your magic, suppressing your feminine power? Are you listening to your healer, your nurturer, your sensual one? Are you allowing yourself stillness? Are you allowing yourself to receive?

I assault the goddess inside of me when I tell her to be quiet, not to rock the boat, don't offend people with your emotions, don't act "crazy", fit into the system, be likeable. Is healing the patriarchal/matriarchal balance within self enough to change this illusion we experience as our outer world? It's the only thing at this moment that keeps me feeling empowered.

Fire, the element that creates change. It burns stuff up so that the phoenix can be born of the ashes. It is the death before rebirth. As the fire rises within, stoke the fire, give it space, honour it, release it, use it as a catalyst, a source of energy to motivate you to burn off the old within yourself.

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