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What is Holistic Reproductive Support?

Every condition, be it endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, edema, high blood pressure, morning sickness, breech or transverse position, toxemia, secondary infertility, postpartum depression - they all have a story. The story is unique to each individual. Every individual condition wants their story to be released, dissolved, healed. Had we received healing when we needed it, these physical manifestations of our stories wouldn't have shown up, but they're here to speak to us, to lead us to healing.

What we need is more intuitive, experienced, confident support people with the knowledge and techniques to support us in releasing and healing our stories. Once the story is released, it always blows me away. It's so big. Each individual story's release is a significant moment. The shift in the person is palpable. Reiki and energy healing are the medicine for these invisible wounds manifest in our tissues and symptoms. The body calms and can finally heal which is what it really wants to do. When we heal our relationship with self and are held in sacred space, the tissues move towards homeostasis, healing and balance again. Reflexology helps the body speed that healing, it gives the tissues what they need by improving circulation, stimulating detoxification, balancing endocrine glands and organs for healthy hormonal balance, calming the nervous system so that healing can occur, improving sleep and more.

Not only can our symptoms decrease or go away, our tissues become healthy and we feel lighter having let go of old baggage that we didn't realize we were carrying around.

When I experienced a phase of my work where I was present for multiple traumatic births, my left eye started to develop issues where the fluid inside was becoming gelatinous, a membrane grew over the back of my eye and the doctors were watching me closely for retinal detachment. My left eye was trying to protect me from what I saw, potentially to save me by making sure I never saw again. With the heaviness of the work during that time, my periods started to flood as the thing that used to bring me so much joy became heavy and sad. Healing the effects of the traumas reverses the physical damage to my body and reenforces my knowing that we sensitive ones need to prioritize protection, healing, balance and rest.

Once the emotional/energetic layer has been nurtured, healing foods, healing herbs, exercise and reflexology can be so much more effective. I provide my clients with holistic plans that include the types of foods, supplements and lifestyle adjustments that will be most healing for them.

This is a truly holistic model. Find the cause, offer it healing, support they physical body in doing what it's naturally designed to do.

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