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Anxiety, Fear and Worry

It seems like most of my work is around these three emotions. More people identify with being anxious or worriers than not. Everyone has their own root causes as to why and in individual sessions we can explore the unique history and roots of these tendencies. Unexpressed fear and buried worries can manifest in all kinds of ways during conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. These emotions are linked to a variety of physical manifestations including morning sickness, repeat miscarriage and even breech position of the baby. Fear can be powerful enough to stall labour. These emotions steal our peace. When we are worried, we are missing out on the present. When we could be dreaming about all of the wonderful outcomes and possibilities, we worry about worst case scenarios instead.

What to do? 1. Express your fears. Look directly at what it is you're afraid of and release it. Counselling, journalling, talking to a friend, partner, doula or Reiki practitioner who can hold space while you say your fear out loud. Expressing your fear doesn't make it more likely to happen if you're holding it and carrying it around anyway. Get it out. Your fears are valid. If you're nauseous or vomiting, this tells us that you're sick with worry. Is there a possible outcome or concern that you're refusing to look at? Are you denying a fear by trying to be brave? It's amazing how profound releasing a fear can be. You'll feel the release once you've acknowledged your fears and let them go.

"I am safe."

2. Practice mindfulness. When your mind starts racing, catch yourself and come back to the present moment. Remind yourself that in this moment, you are safe. Feel your feet on the floor. Be present with what you’re doing right now. If you are driving your car, feel the steering wheel, breathe deeply and mindfully, have a big sigh and smile.

3. Intentionally dream instead of worry. You have a very creative imagination. When your imagination starts taking you through possible scenarios that make you uncomfortable, start choosing to dream about desirable outcomes instead. You’re really great at thinking about everything that can go wrong. What might go right? What is the best possible outcome that you might experience? Make it rich and juicy.

4. Nurture your root chakra. Your upper chakras are ruling and you’ve lost your roots. If you naturally tend to worry, you could probably benefit from doing the things that reestablish your roots daily. Do as many of the following as you connect with. Do yoga, dance, get outside in nature, eat delicious food especially root vegetables, avoid caffeine, wear red underwear, wear or carry crystals that are grounding like hematite or black onyx, stomp your feet, indulge in physical touch through massage or reflexology, garden and listen to drumming music. Make being out in nature a priority on this list. I honestly think this is the number one reason why we are seeing such a significant increase in anxiety in our culture - nature deprivation.

Reflexology is especially beneficial for people who are not well grounded. It uses firm, enjoyable physical touch on the feet to nurture the whole body. It improves circulation, promotes healing, induces a deep state of relaxation and well being, it’s incredibly grounding.

To really experience the benefit of Reiki on your roots, try having a Reiki session where most time is spent on the upper part of your body and then try a Reiki session at another time where most time is spent on the lower part of your body. It makes an incredible difference! When a lot of Reiki is done on the head and upper torso, it’s quite common to feel quite light after a session, to the point of needing to sit for an added time to acclimate. This is why most practitioners end their sessions by doing Reiki on the feet. A session where Reiki is focused especially on the hips, legs and feet leaves people feeling solid, well connected to the earth and present. This is what it feels like to be well grounded. In this state, one is less like to easily anger, to be depressed, to worry or be anxious. To keep this state of being, add your favourite tips above to your daily routines.

An experienced Reiki practitioner can help you develop an awareness as to why you are more susceptible to a weaker root chakra and support your healing around that specifically.

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