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Old souls, young souls, why it's relevant today 11/9

When we find ourselves looking around us, seeing the familiar and also seeing something very, very different, it can leave us feeling confused, scared and frustrated. One of the greatest struggles of the human experience is trying to understand how humans can have such extremely different values and priorities. I find a lot of peace when I step back and consider the soul's journey.

We are souls, inhabiting a human body, having human experiences. Your soul was not created when you were physically conceived, it existed before that and it will continue to exist after your physical body ceases to exist. Most people who believe that the soul exists after death, don't consider that this means it must have also existed before conception. Most people who recognize old souls, don't consider what it means to be a young soul, or a middle aged soul.

For a soul to be "old", it must have at one time been young. Young souls, like young humans, have different milestones, priorities and lessons to learn than old souls or old humans. Young humans are learning about authority, having needs met, trust and so on. Teenage humans are learning about independence and relationships while middle aged humans might be learning about success and acquiring of physical things and so on. Every human has to go through all of the stages of human development, until they die. No human has ever (in my knowledge) skipped being an infant or a child. Each stage is a necessary right of passage that builds on what we know to prepare us for a future stage. The soul also experiences stages of development, milestones and has differing values and lessons as they move along the path. It’s not better to be an older soul than to be a younger soul, just like it’s not better to be 70 than 7. Every 70 year old was at one time 7 and shared similar lessons, priorities and experiences. Every mature soul was at one time a younger soul and there are many things that the young souls could remind the old souls of and the older souls have much wisdom that can support younger souls on their journeys. But just like in human life, one generation often doesn’t have the capacity to understand the other and so, we most often stumble through the stages in our own way and all end up at the same place. Why is this relevant today, on 11/9? The division between humans today is being highlighted. It’s very hard to deny our differences in values, knowledge, beliefs etc. I find it helpful when I can step back and view myself and fellow souls through the lens of the soul’s journey. When I see each being as another soul on a journey, I realize that there is no “backwards”. Consciousness only evolves. Suffering and hardships, significant conflict, these are the greatest opportunities our souls have to acquire growth. Significant evolution of consciousness does not happen during easy times. I’ve witnessed the greatest transformations during the greatest challenges. When you see your neighbours, look into their soul. Within, you will see yourself. Recognize them as light beings on a light journey, exactly like your own, even if you’re on different stones on the path. This human experience is a great opportunity for the evolution of consciousness. When we detach from our need for only “good” experiences, we can find the good in every experience.

In the great words of the oldest soul I know in person, “none of this really matters..” -Clayton.

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