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Spiritual awakening after infertility

What is spiritual awakening? It's a process of gaining greater clarity and understanding. It's being in the flow of life. Life manifests more easily through the spiritual awakening process. You start to find coincidence everywhere and as you progress you realize nothing is coincidental and everything becomes divine. Instead of life happening to you, you begin to manifest at will. Life becomes more and more peaceful and you become less caught up in the drama of life. As you become more intuitive and you start to see the purpose in all of life's events, including the challenges, you feel more at ease in life, more relaxed.

The awakening process still has ups and downs but as you move through them, you learn from them and the hills start to feel smaller and impact you less on an emotional level as you gain trust in the universe. As you move through the ups and downs you gain more and more experience being present and heart centered.

When clients first come to me for support with fertility or after a miscarriage, still birth or traumatic birth, they're often in a place of emotional despair. Feeling a little desperate has the profound ability of opening the mind. I believe that most clients don't even know initially how I will support them. I also believe that most of the clients who come to me feel a strong calling to come. They'll often describe having several different friends or acquaintances mention my name or they'll find me completely unintentionally and they "just know" that they should come. (Once I had a client find me when looking for prenatal yoga. Although she never did come for yoga she later had a miscarriage and sent me a text message. This is an example of a coincidence that's actually divine).

This open-mindedness creates the perfect vibration for spiritual awakening to occur. With energy healing we can release heavy energy that was attracting burden and drama into our life. As we become lighter, we gain clarity. With clarity comes understanding. With understanding we find peace. With peace we can relax and trust the process of life.

One of the gifts I've seen time and time again in the difficult journey's of my clients is that crisis brings open-mindedness and through that open mind we can connect with the divine and get back in the flow. Not only does life start moving again for them, but they transform. No one comes out of a fertility journey the same person and for the many that I have worked with, it's a beautiful transformation and only the beginning of a divine and purpose-full life.

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