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Who applies for Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training?

I really enjoy reading the applications we receive for the Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training. HRP training isn't like most other career paths. The kinds of people that choose to become Holistic Reproductive Practitioners are following a passion or a calling. I want to share one part of a recent application with you because I believe it really speaks to the intention I had when creating this curriculum as well as who I created it for and why.

Please describe your motivation for pursuing this training. You may share anything about your journey or previous experiences as well as what you envision for your future.

I've always loved babies and children and that is why I chose my current career, I'm a registered nurse. However, I didn't like working in a hospital setting and I wasn't sure what was missing. I've been working as a public health nurse and I did find that I enjoyed working in community and dealing with clients in that way. I did a training on infant mental health and learned more about ACES and this really resonated with me. Not many talked about infant mental health and how the very early childhood, even preconception can have such an impact on a child's development. I believe that a lot of the"issues" in society we see today stem from more pervasive subconscious patterns. I believe that if education and support can be provided to families at the earliest of stages it will have a significant impact on a child's development and growth. I believe that family is the building block of society and we can form our societies by caring for our homes. I believe that every parent has a biological desire to care for their offspring and therefore the stages of preconception, prenatal and postpartum are prime times to engage, raise awareness, identify and break cycles of trauma. I know from my own personal experience the power of awareness and healing trauma. My own healing journey has been extremely transformative and it's allowed me to understand that I'm here to commune and be in relationship, to myself, to others, to earth and ether in a healthy, authentic and balanced way. And I wish to bring that healing in my career in a way that resonates the most with my life path and philosophy.

Our students and alumni are people who are holistically minded. Holistic isn't just an approach to healing, it is a way of perceiving the world. People who think in a holistic way are always digging to the root of an issue. They never see a symptom as a problem to be fixed, but rather a clue that takes them to an eventual root of an issue. They have a desire to do healing at the deepest level.

Our students and alumni can be very selfless. Rarely if ever do potential future students ask me about the income potential of the work that we do. Their first motivation is to be a part of the solution in their communities, to help ease the pain and suffering of others. Money and honourable exchange for their energy, time, wisdom and skills is an important part of being in right relationship with the people we support and it's my job as their mentor and trainer to help them develop healthy and functional business models. However, they show me over and over that they are here first for others.

Having purpose, passion, a mission, and being of service are the keys to real happiness. Our students and alumni are looking for that deep meaning in their lives and I am so honoured to be a stepping stone on that path and share the journey and this work with them.


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