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The Ultimate Guide to Doula Training Online in Canada: How to Start Your Career in Birth Work

What is the best doula training school in Canada?
The Ultimate Guide to Doula Training Online in Canada

Are you a compassionate individual with a strong desire to make a positive impact on women's lives during childbirth? If so, becoming a doula might be the perfect career path for you. And now, with the power of the internet, you can kickstart your doula journey right from the comfort of your own home. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the world of doula training online in Canada and show you how to turn your passion into a rewarding career in birth support.

Whether you're already working in the healthcare industry or looking for a career change, online doula training offers flexibility and convenience. From learning the fundamentals of childbirth education to gaining hands-on experience in supporting women during labor, this guide will help you consider some important factors before you become a certified doula.

Enroll in accredited online courses, connect with experienced trainers and fellow students, and build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. With the right training and certification, you'll be ready to support expectant mothers and their families through one of the most important and transformative experiences of their lives. Don't wait any longer to pursue your passionate career in birth support. Let's dive into the ultimate guide to doula training online in Canada and take the first step towards making a real difference in the world of childbirth.

What are the best doula training schools in Canada? How to choose a doula school that's right for you?

What defines the best doula school will be different from one person to another. Choosing a doula school that is best for you depends a lot on you and what you need or desire for your training experience.

Do you want to choose a large school that has a lot of students and a long history or teaching doulas? Or do you want a small school which may provide a more intimate experience?

DONA and CAPPA are examples of doula training organizations that have been around for a long, long time. These are large schools with hundreds of trainers and thousands of students all over the world. DONA was the first formal doula training organization.

In comparison, By the Moon is a small school with a small training team with a little more than a decade of doula training history. Our community is small so we know a lot about our students and alumni. Small schools can have more of a family feel. It allows us to make accommodations easily because we know what our individual students need. Small class sizes means students have lots of opportunities to ask questions or be a part of the discussion.

Do you want a more conventional and mainstream doula training program or something with a unique approach?

Doula Canada is an example of a school that may fit what the average student is looking for. Students who are more spiritual or holistic will really enjoy training with By the Moon. Not only does By the Moon doula training cover the important information about the stages of labour, informed consent, medical interventions and options but we also approach how we doula with a body, mind and spirit approach. We talk about the incoming soul, the energy of traumatic birth and how to clear it, the spiritual aspects of conditions such as edema or morning sickness and more. Our trainers are also very holistically minded and spiritual too.

Do you want to have multiple streams of income in your doula business?

Having multiple streams of income makes good doula business sense. By the Moon's Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training program is a Holistic Full Spectrum Doula training program that includes full Reflexology certification, Usui Reiki 1 and 2 as well as advanced fertility and maternity reflexology and Reiki curriculum. By the Moon's HRP students not only provide prenatal, birth, postpartum and loss support but also offer reflexology sessions and Reiki sessions to their doula clients and anyone else in the community who wants it. This provides income in between births and during months when doulas want to take a break from being on call. Reflexology and Reiki clients also become doula clients.

Some schools offer doula training only but you can choose other modalities to add to your doula business at any time.

Do you want to learn how to be a birth doula or do you want to also learn how to be a fertility, postpartum and loss doula as well?

It's common for most schools to offer each type of doula training separately which is great for people who know they only want to do one kind of birth work. By the Moon offers a Holistic Full Spectrum Doula training because for our alumni doula work often does start before conception. It's quite common for fertility clients to become birth clients. We also believe it's so important to be trained in loss support as a birth doula. We never know when a client will experience a loss and we want all of our certified doulas to feel confident and prepared should a client experience a miscarriage or stillbirth.

These are just some of the things you should consider when you are choosing a doula school. For more information about By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training or to request an information package, go here.


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