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Is Reiki beneficial during pregnancy?

By the Moon students learn how to position maternity clients comfortably at all stages of pregnancy for deeply relaxing and healing Reiki sessions.

Where the medical community claims we don't understand why some people develop pregnancy conditions like morning sickness during pregnancy while others do not, energy healing offers a broader understanding as to the manifestation of these uncomfortable symptoms and techniques to support clients in developing a deeper awareness of self and healing that promotes a healthier and happier pregnancy.

Reiki can be an important part of holistic health during pregnancy. Emotional blocks, fears and past traumas (this lifetime, past or inherited) can be dissolved and released.

Energy healing techniques have been found to be useful to help clients heal after a previous birth, to release suppressed emotions that are contributing to pregnancy complications, to promote a deeper connection with baby, to help transverse or breech babies flip into a head down position (in just one session), improving blood pressure regulation, digestion, relieving aches and pains, and improving sleep.

This transition into motherhood often brings up relationship issues be it with mothers or mother in laws, partners, or other family members and energy healing helps clients move through these shifts with greater ease. Energy healing is a wonderful way to help our clients receive not just emotional support but healing as well.

During the last weeks and days of pregnancy, we can use specific energy healing techniques that are unique to By the Moon to help clients surrender which can promote optimal position of baby. Clients have noticed that their post term babies have visibly dropped after healing sessions as the lower segments of their uterus release tension only to have labour start shortly after. Of course our emotions and energy body affect the ligaments and muscles of the uterus and pelvic floor and By the Moon offers training to help practitioners support clients in letting go, releasing and giving in to the process of giving birth.

Aside from all of the amazing benefits to a mother/pregnant person, babies have their own emotions and energetic frequencies. Moms love how their individual babies respond to energy healing and practitioners can connect with both people on the table in a compassionate and nurturing way. Hands on healing support during the earliest stage of life is a blessing. It is obvious that both benefit tremendously.

Reiki can never cause harm and is beneficial in all circumstances. Energy healing is safe and non-invasive. Reiki practitioners who yearn to become confident support people for people experiencing infertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and loss should consider enrolling in By the Moon Fertility and Maternity Reflexology training classes.


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