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Can you learn Reiki online?

online Reiki training

Yes, you can learn Reiki online. There is some debate around this and I'm going to break it down so you can make an informed choice about what the best option for learning is for you.

Let's address the debate about learning Reiki online. Traditionally Reiki was always taught in person for obvious reasons. While Reiki isn't ancient, it is older than the internet. The transition to offering Reiki training online was very gradual at first with the majority of Reiki classes happening in person.

Why would some argue Reiki cannot or should not be taught online? in an online class you don't exchange in person Reiki sessions with other students so you do miss out on this important component of training. You also cannot receive your Reiki attunement in the traditional way where the Usui Reiki Master Teacher stands behind each student placing the Reiki symbols into the head, heart and hands. I'll address each of these points below and you can decide what is best for you.

Prior to 2020, I was already contemplating online Reiki classes because By the Moon students are spread out around North America and beyond. When in person training had to stop in 2020, small schools like By the Moon were forced to adapt and pivot, rethink not just what was possible but what was best for our students. The first online or distance attunements were done using the distance reiki symbol and a surrogate in place of each student. This is the same way a distance healing session is often done. The feedback from students was wonderful. Just as distance healing Reiki sessions can be profoundly powerful, distance healing Reiki attunements were very well received. It seems silly now to argue that Reiki healing can be offered at a distance but Reiki attunements cannot. Reiki after all is not limited by time or space.

Soon after we started offering distance Reiki attunements, By the Moon Usui Reiki Master Teachers upgraded their training to Holy Fire III, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Holy Fire III, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Holy Fire III makes distance attunements even easier because in this evolution of Reiki, the Reiki Master Teacher's role is to help the students enter a receptive state and then the Reiki placement (formerly attunement) is received by the student directly from the source. By removing the Reiki Master Teacher from this part of the process it is said that the frequency of the energy received is even more pure.

With regards to the in person class session exchange, this may be a reason why someone would prefer to take their Reiki training in person instead of online. However, for those who want to do their training online, Reiki can be practiced on a family member or friend or exchanged with another Reiki practitioner in the same area. The hand positions for Reiki are intuitive. Reiki is not a technical modality. Hands can be placed in the aura or directly on the body in any hand position that is appropriate. A good online Reiki class will provide illustrations of hand positions that can be used but Reiki practitioners are not limited to these positions. Online classes can still offer a good opportunity to practice distance healing session exchange between students.

Not all Reiki organizations recognize online Reiki training at this time. If you as a practitioner want to be a member of an organization it is important to check the requirements before you choose your Reiki Master Teacher and class format. Organization membership is optional and few Reiki practitioners belong to any organizations. Whether you do your Reiki training online or in person, you can still get insurance for your Reiki business and run a Reiki business.

Why would someone choose online Reiki training if in person Reiki training was available? Online classes makes Reiki training more accessible for people who live in rural or remote areas or perhaps you wish to train with a specific Reiki Master Teacher or school who is not local to you. The dates and times of the online class may work better for you than what is being offered locally. What matters is that you choose the option that is best for you.

By the Moon offers online and in person Reiki training. Learn more here.


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