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See the amazing effect of reflexology on a diabetic client

One of the biggest concerns for people who have diabetes is poor circulation. Poor circulation is a side effect of being diabetic but it itself has many negative implications on the overall system. Fatigue, slower healing wounds, numbness and tingling in the extremities, dizziness, memory loss, headaches, breathlessness, high blood pressure, numbness, the list goes on. Exercise is important for everyone, especially diabetics because it is a normal and natural way to improve circulation.

Reflexology is also a natural way for anyone to improve their blood circulation and can be used in addition to other healthy lifestyle habits like proper diet and exercise.

Back in 2005 a local live and dried blood analyst named Melody Prinzen agreed to a little experiment with me and one of my type 1 diabetic clients. My training had taught me that reflexology improves blood circulation but Melody had the technology to allow us to see the evidence.

What you see below is a monitor showing a drop of live blood from my client who has type 1 diabetes under a high powered microscope. Notice the red blood cells are all clumped together in long intertwining chains. If you could see this live, you would have seen them moving very slowly.

After the above observation we started a normal reflexology session on the client. She remained in the same reclined position for the duration of the blood analysis, reflexology and later blood analysis. Immediately after her usual 1 hour reflexology session, Melody took another droplet of blood and put it under the microscope for us to observe any changes. The results blew me away. Despite what I had been taught and believed, seeing it was amazing.

Notice how much smaller the chains are, even single red blood cells are now moving freely.

The effects of your reflexology session continue for up to five days. The above pictures were taken only minutes after my clients session. It would have been interesting to see if the clusters of red blood cells continued to break up even more over time or what they might look like after an additional session. It's important to note that the shorter chains above are very similar to what my own circulation looked like when I had my blood analyzed around the same time. I am not diabetic but I had what would be considered a normal level of poor circulation and I was 'prescribed' spicy foods to help improve that.

Exercise, reflexology and some spicy foods and we can all benefit from much improved blood circulation. For more information about live and dried blood analysis, here is Melody's website. She can tell you a lot more about your health than the status of your circulation. It's actually quite amazing and I encourage you to contact her to find out more.


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