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Reiki during childbirth

reiki for birth

Birth is a time of significant transformation for both the woman giving birth and the infant. It is normal and expected that either will undergo a number of shifts energetically during the process of birth. A Reiki practitioner trained and experienced in childbirth is prepared to help facilitate the release of fears that naturally come up during childbirth. Fear is one of the most powerful forces of energy and it can significantly impact a person's experience of pain and discomfort, tension in the body, their mental and emotional state and obviously it can also impact the progress of labour in a profound way. Reiki is deeply relaxing and helps to relieve pain, it is grounding and increases confidence which helps everyone cope better during labour, birth and the immediate postpartum. Reiki is a powerful technique for inducing relaxation, removing tension, increasing intuition and releasing fears. I have been witness to Reiki having a positive effect on comfort, blood pressure, and yes even cervical dilation. Client's have reported immediate increase in the strength and frequency of their contractions with Reiki during early labour. Doulas who also offer Reiki sessions can support clients at all stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is a perfect modality to provide even more benefit to their clients while also providing an additional stream of income to the doula. Clients who are accustomed to receiving Reiki from their doula before birth will appreciate it even more during birth.

Reiki brings a calming and grounding energy into the room which is palpable even by others who enter the space unaware of it flowing. Many a nurse has made a comment to me during my Reiki births that "it's so calm when you're in the room!"

Reiki is so easy to offer, it requires very little physical endurance and it benefits the Reiki practitioner/doula as well as the client making it a no brainer addition to any doulas resources.

By the Moon offers not only Holistic Full Spectrum Doula training classes but also all levels of Usui Reiki classes and an advanced Fertility and Maternity Reiki course. Any of these classes can be taken on their own or as part of our Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training program.

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