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Gaining confidence as a Reiki practitioner

In class, I was recently asked "how can I gain confidence in myself as a Reiki practitioner?" This is a wonderful question and I believe most, if not all Reiki practitioners struggle slightly with their confidence initially for a few reasons. I don't believe this phenomenon is attributed only to Reiki practitioners. All humble holistic health practitioners want to give their clients the best sessions or treatments and gain confidence with experience, client feedback and established trust in the healing modality of their choosing. Secondly, Reiki can be very subtle to the practitioner, even if profound for the client.

Depending on the extra senses of the practitioner, every Reiki practitioner will experience Reiki offering in their own unique way. For example, with Byosen scanning, some practitioners who are especially adept at clairsentience, or clear feeling, will easily sense through their hand chakras subtle disturbances in the clients energetic field, whereby someone who is more claircognizant will gather this information on a more intellectual level. If the claircognizant doesn't recognize themself as a claircognizant, they may feel frustrated when trying to seek this information through feeling. For this reason, I work with my Reiki students to recognize their specific and individual senses and develop them. The clairsentient may have a very obvious physical sensation of Reiki flowing through their hands to the client and how it changes as they move around their body. Someone who is more clairaudient may have subtle feelings but more obvious confirmation received through mental affirmation, messages or audible guidance. I always advise my Reiki students to receive Reiki as often as possible. One, it energetically aligns us with our clients in a way that will build their business. To receive Reiki regularly helps us understand the benefits of such and we will in turn attract clients who also connect with the support of regular Reiki sessions. It is a way of practicing what we preach. More importantly, receiving Reiki can be far more dramatic than offering Reiki for some new practitioners and when doubt creeps in, having a foundation of experience whereby Reiki supported oneself through good times and challenging times will be affirming. The best evidence for the amazing supportive and healing effects of Reiki is to receive Reiki when one is feeling their worst. My advice, don’t be afraid to turn up to your own Reiki practitioner when you are really struggling. To go in a hot mess and leave feeling blissful will build ones confidence in Reiki in general. It makes it easier to offer Reiki in confidence. Note that occasionally one can feel worse after a Reiki session as the layers peel away, and a followup Reiki session and other selfcare, counselling etc. can always compliment Reiki.

For me, I experienced years of Reiki and energy healing work before becoming a practitioner. In the early days when doubt crept in, I reminded myself of my own experience with Reiki’s healing effects and it quickly dissolved any negative beliefs the ego is so efficient at delivering. I 100% know that I would not be where I am today without the healing support of Reiki.

Go for Reiki sessions. Use Reiki on self, often. Let go of attachment to outcomes. Trust that your clients will decide whether Reiki with you is complimenting their healing or not and let go of your own need to have them come back or have a positive opinion of your work. Let Reiki do it.

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