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Supporting men through infertility

When a couple is struggling to conceive, it's most common for the woman to carry most of the weight of the journey. Women tend to automatically own their fertility struggles when 1/3 or more of the time, it's a male factor that may be causing their challenges.

Women are most likely to seek out alternative, holistic or medical support. Men are often very supportive but take on a secondary role, like a co-pilot. Men are usually a woman's primary support person and very likely feel helpless and inadequate.

One of the greatest gifts a man can give a woman in this situation, is to seek out support for himself. I'll give you three major reasons:

1. I cannot describe the huge weight that this takes off of his female partner. I can see her shift energetically just because he is taking an active role. She no longer carries all of the weight of it. He lightens her load energetically.

2. Because he too needs support. It's a hard journey not being able to become a parent. Future dads need support too. But not only that, I can help men feel less helpless and inadequate. Men who are supported become more efficient support providers.

3. It brings couples closer together. While each person may have their own personal work to do to move through the fertility journey, the fact that they are both involved in the work increases intimacy. She feels even more supported, he feels more adequate, they both have support and they can get back to their original intention, loving each other through the process.

What if it is an energetic block on the man's side? I think it's fair to assume that men are calling in this experience as much as women since it takes two to tango. What does he have to move through, heal and learn from this experience? What may be manifesting in his physical health that may be contributing? It's always worth an exploration.

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