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Holistic Reproductive Healing Support is available to you whether you have a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner in your area or not. Coaching, emotional support, energy healing and education are easily offered via distance support. To learn more about the various modalities used with local or distance clients, click modalities in the main menu. Eventually, you will also find listings here for students and certified Holistic Reproductive Practitioners who have trained with By the Moon. Clients in the Belleville, Ontario, Canada area looking for in person support including fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, trauma or loss support visit

Holistic Fertility Support

When pregnancy doesn't happen easily, it's stressful and frustrating, especially if you don't know why you aren't conceiving. Reproductive health isn't just about biology. A holistic approach nurtures and promotes healing to your physical body, emotions and spirit. 

Holistic fertility support can be used alone or can be used in addition to medical fertility treatments to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

Maternity Care

Nurturing your body and your baby during pregnancy can help minimize, eliminate or prevent the uncomfortable and sometimes risky conditions that can occur during pregnancy. Growing a human is an amazing feat. Holistic support can help give you and your baby the care you both need for an optimal pregnancy.


Taking care of your body, emotions and spirit is vital in preparation for birth. Birth is like a marathon and it's important you are balanced and well before the amazing transition.



Birth Support

Empowered, informed and positive birth experiences make happier and healthier families and babies. Your family and your baby deserve the best loving care during birth. Birth doulas can help all types of families have healthier and happier births.

Personalized prenatal education, birth pool rentals, holistic support, partner support and calm nurturance. 

Postpartum Support

Postpartum can bring all kinds of emotions and experiences. When birth is complicated or traumatic, it can impact our postpartum experience and our experience as a mother. Infant feeding challenges, fussy babies, postpartum mood concerns are all valid reasons to seek out holistic healing support. Babies are always welcome and sometimes included in the healing work. 

Prenatal Hospice and Loss Support

Pregnancy and infant loss is an unfortunate reality. Whether you will be experiencing a loss or have already experienced a loss recently or in the distant pass, support and healing is available. 

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