Astrology with Astro Science Gautam Kamboj

Astrology readings can tell us so much about what our strengths are and what our challenges will be. Astrology readings have been very informative for our fertility clients, for our students who are making decisions about business and purpose. There is almost nothing that astrology cannot tell us and Gautam is an amazing vedic astrologer who can easily interpret your birth chart and help you find guidance on your journey. 

Readings can be offered online or in person in Belleville, Ontario. 

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Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Sarah Taylor

Sarah offers Reiki, reflexology and doula support in Belleville, Ontario and surrounding areas. Distance sessions for energy healing or holistic reproductive health consultations are also available. You can learn more about Sarah and her services on her website. 

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Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Michelle Stroud

Michelle is currently available to attend homebirths in the Belleville and surrounding areas. Reflexology and Reiki sessions are available on Thursdays only between 9:30am - 6pm. Sessions are $100 + HST. 

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Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Ann Louise Hedger

Contact us to book reflexology or Reiki sessions with Ann Louise. Ann Louise is also a birth Doula and Postpartum she is currently all booked until October but you can always contact  her for more information. 

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Gautam Kamboj vedic astrologer
Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Amber Westlake

Contact us to book reflexology or Reiki sessions with Amber. Amber is also an amazing photographer offering maternity photography, family sessions and goddess sessions in the Belleville area. 

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Registered Massage Therapist Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth offers massage therapy, abdominal massage for fertility, prenatal massage, laser therapy and more. 

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Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach and Esthetician Jenet McDonald

One on one or group healing sessions offered in person or online, life coaching support, and esthetics services including pedicures, manicures, eyelash extensions and Reiki massage. 

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Restorative Yoga and Reiki

Two hours of deeply relaxing and healing restorative yoga with Reiki. All props are provided and safely maintained. Small classes ensure lots of space for and Reiki for all participants.

$55 + HST per 2 hour class 

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