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Online Reiki Training

Traditionally, Reiki has almost always been offered in person only. Some Reiki Master Teacher's offer each Reiki level in a one or two day course. I have been inspired for a long time to offer Reiki training at a distance. Having had such wonderful experiences with clients using distance Reiki healing, I had a knowing that attunements were obviously also not limited by time and space. 

When the global pandemic changed so much about how we support each other, teach and learn, I was grateful that the International Reiki Center was offering an online class confirming my belief that yes, Reiki attunements can be offered over physical distances.

The teachers that came before us in our lineage probably could not have conceived of our ability to connect, see each other and interact live in real time the way we do now. I invested in this class with William Lee Rand where he taught us how to teach Reiki online, much the way I was already envisioning and I received my own distance attunement from him. Even still, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience during the attunement. It was even more obvious than the in person attunements I had previously received.

Since then, I have been offering online Reiki training divided up into shorter segments over the course of many weeks and the feedback from students has been amazing. We are all enjoying online Reiki training even more than a weekend in person training. Some of the online students have completed their first level of Reiki training with me in person and we all agree, that this experience is great.

This is one of the many gifts of this transformational time.

Can I learn Reiki online
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