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Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training - In person practical training
Nanaimo, British Columbia
February 5 - 9, 2024

Attend 5 full days of holistic reproductive healing and learning in beautiful Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. During this retreat style educational experience new and existing By the Moon students will practice reproductive healing techniques, exchange healing sessions and participate in group experiences and ceremony.

Location: Bethlehem Centre, 2371 Arbot Rd, Nanaimo, BC

Check-in: Sunday, February 4, 2024, between 3-4pm

Cost for Accommodation & Meals: $985

Buffet meals include supper on Sunday, February 4th, breakfast, lunch and supper on Monday - Thursday, breakfast and lunch on Friday, February 9th
Accommodations can be made for gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian meals.

Guest rooms have a simple yet comfortable cabin by the lake feel. All guests have a private room with shared bathrooms with linens, towels, desk and chair in each room. 

Healing and learning
  • Reflexology techniques

  • Reflexology sessions exchange

  • Reiki sessions exchange

  • Daily practices to access different brainwave states

  • Yin yoga for fertility and surrender

  • Prenatal yoga to learn positions and movement for pregnancy and birth

  • Massage techniques and comfort measures for birth

  • Reflexology edema sequence

  • Breech baby flipping techniques

  • Energy healing experiences

  • Reproductive organ healing techniques

  • Inner child healing

  • Birth trauma healing 

  • Release and blessings ceremony

Also available on site
  • Forest bathing

  • Labrynth walking meditation

Registration & Cost

In person practical training is a component of our two year Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training program. Holistic Reproductive Practitioner students can attend in person practical training at any stage before, during or after their program. Whether you are a new student, are currently in your first or second year, have completed both years and even our certified alumni, all are welcome to attend our retreat style learning experiences. 

If you are a current student or alumni, you can register for in person training here. 

If you would like to register for By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training you can view our Course Outline and Tuition information here or complete registration

For students and alumni who are in groups 2022-2 or later, $425 CDN will be added to existing invoices. 

For students in groups 2022-1 or earlier, in person training is included in your past tuition payments unless you are attending in person training again.

For new registrants, $425 will be added to course tuition and can be divided up for payment plans over your two years of training. 

All attending students and alumni must pay for accommodations and meals: $825 CDN

Registration deadline for in person training in Nanaimo, BC: December 9, 2022

Late registration fee: $125

$400 deposit for accommodations and meals due by December 9, 2022

Balance of $425 for accommodations and meals due by January 6, 2023

Cancellation and refund policy:

Deposits are not refundable after December 9, 2022

Session exchange at in person training

Release and blessings ceremony


Labrynth at Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo, BC

Forest bathing on the paths around Westwood Lake at Bethlehem Centre in Nanaimo, BC

Guest room at Bethlehem Centre in Nanaimo, BC

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