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Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Training

What is a holistic doula? Are all doulas holistic? What is holistic doula training?

A holistic approach to care is one that considers the whole of a person, that no symptom, condition or experience is limited to only our physiology or biology. A holistic doula for example might support a client who is experiencing morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy, a breech baby, heartburn or even a stall in labour from the perspective of the physical body, the mental and emotional body and the energetic or spiritual body as well (also known as the subtle body). It's amazing how much more efficient we can be at helping our client's find relief when we start at the subtle body first, often by addressing the emotional body because they're so intertwined and then the physiology or symptoms shift. But if we are working with the physical body for example with nutrition suggestions or reflexology, we will almost certainly find that these approaches are much more successful when combined with support for the emotional and mental state and the release or movement of energy. Conditions that practitioners who are not holistic (like most medical professionals) might otherwise say are not treatable, are just a normal occurrence in pregnancy and birth or the treatment they provide isn't effective. 

Once you have provided support using a holistic approach for long enough, you find the patterns, you know what emotions, experiences or traumas are most likely contributing to specific symptoms and how to gently help people find relief. These are the techniques that I teach in the Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training program. We use reflexology, energy healing and doula skills to provide holistic support to our clients who are struggling with infertility or who would like to try to conceive with holistic fertility support, during pregnancy and in preparation for birth, at birth, throughout postpartum and beyond. We include loss support, because loss happens and all doulas should be well prepared for providing healing support, information and emotional support during all kinds of loss experiences. Holistic Reproductive Practitioners can provide services to anyone who is experiencing reproductive health issues such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCO, and other menstrual or reproductive irregularities. We also help support people during peri-menopause and menopause. We can work with babies, children and people not experiencing reproductive health issues. 

It's a very comprehensive training program that goes beyond doula training which contributes to the success of our alumni. 

By the Moon's training is offered all over the world and structured with student success as a first priority.

  • Choose your start date: New students start every March and September.

  • Choose your location: Each start date offers one to three locations for you to choose for in person training or you can now select correspondence for a fully online learning experience.

  • Students love our structured schedule of live online seminars and recorded lectures. 

  • Interactive correspondence studies + 6 consecutive days of in person training (optional) each year. 

  • Online community of students, alumni and instructors for ongoing discussion, support and resource sharing.

  • Develop practical skills and build your holistic business as you study.

  • Tuition paid in four instalments over four years. 

  • Cross training tuition adjustments available for doulas, reflexologists or Reiki practitioners.

Request a free information package          Online distance healing support for students

Reflexology training in Canada

Reflexology training, Doula training, Reiki training in Canada and the US with international students joining us online from all over the world.

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