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Intro to Holistic Fertility Support for Doulas

Join Michelle for a virtual workshop of learning through healing. After years of supporting fertility clients with a variety of experiences and journey's, Michelle has created this single day workshop to give doulas and aspiring doulas the experience of Michelle's approach to holistic fertility support. This workshop is also ideal for anyone who is currently trying to conceive, has a reproductive health issue like endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosis etc., yoga instructors or anyone who has an interest in holistic and reproductive health. 

Experience a variety of healing techniques and gain an understanding as to how they relate to blocked conception, hormonal imbalance, irregular cycles, painful menstruation, and more.

Holistic support encompasses body, mind and spirit. Gain a broader understanding of how our emotions and energy field interact with our biology and how we can be empowered in our own healing process. 

Learn about the patterns associated with common reproductive conditions. 

Take home gifts and resources used in holistic fertility work as well as an informative holistic handout for morning sickness and a powerful birth trauma healing technique you can use with your clients. 

Register in advance so you can have what you need in advance. 

Registration is $145 + HST

Former or current Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum or Holistic Reproductive Practitioner students attend free

Watercolor Brush 14

now $55

Doodled Blue Circle
fertility doula training

Wed, Jan 6 and 27 at 12:30pm edt

2 hours introduction

resources and ebook for independent learning and healing

2 hour feminine healing ceremony

Recordings available!

Register for this virtual workshop

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