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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Reiki

1 in 4 women will experience the loss of a baby in their lifetime. As a culture, we do very little to heal ourselves and honour our babies. Lost baby trauma has come up on the Reiki table 30+ years after the loss occurred. We can carry these wounds with us for a lifetime. This can affect us in many ways, including subsequent fertility.


During a Reiki session we can honour your baby or babies and nurture your physical, emotional and spiritual self with universal healing energy. 

Clients find Reiki to be useful in their healing process. They describe feeling lighter, more optimistic and describe having a deeper understanding of the purpose of their difficult journeys. 

Some resources tell us that we may never feel whole again after a loss. When people receive energy healing support after a loss, they can instead feel the possibility of gratitude for the growth they experienced recognizing the transformation that is possible through our difficult journeys. 



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