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Reflexology for menstrual pain

On our feet there are pressure points that are relative to every part gland or organ on our body. By applying pressure to the reflexology pressure points on the feet that correspond to the area of the body that is experiencing pain or imbalance, we can decrease or eliminate pain in the body. Be prepared for that reflexology pressure point to be mildly or significantly tender on the foot. However, after a few minutes of pressure you should find that you have relief for at least a short period of time from your period cramps. 

relative to uterus left pressure point foot

On the medial side of each heel you'll find a small pressure point that is the relative to the uterus reflexology point. If you are currently experiencing menstrual pain, it should be easy to locate because with a little pressure it will hurt at least a little. If you're not currently experiencing menstrual pain, it may still be tender for some people indicating some imbalance in the uterus. 

Apply steady pressure for a few seconds, release and repeat. Firm circular massage with a knuckle will also stimulate this point and provide relief in the abdomen. 

If you're having a little trouble finding this point, while gently pressing on the inside of your heel, look for a little dip nested in the the more fleshy ridge of the heal pad. If it is very soft and fleshy, you're probably too high or too close to the ankle bone. If you're still not confident, stimulating this whole area will help balance the pelvic area and you'll still find relief.


After several minutes of applying pressure to this point or area, you should find you are experiencing some relief and in my experience this relief can last for 30 minutes to an hour. Repeat as often as desired for as long as is needed. When I was first learning reflexology, this simple technique used to get me through my shifts at work. Now, many years later I have no menstrual pain because I receive regular reflexology sessions and I use other holistic healing techniques that I teach our students in our Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training program.


Would you like to receive reflexology from a By the Moon trained practitioner? Find a By the Moon reflexology student or certified reflexologist in your area. By the Moon trained reflexologists and Holistic Reproductive Practitioners combine reflexology sessions with energy healing and other simple healing practices to heal the root cause of menstrual irregularities. Pain is a sign of imbalance. A holistic approach to healing includes body, mind and spirit aspects and addresses the original cause that is manifesting as pain now.

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By the Moon is an international school that offers Fertility & Maternity Reflexology training and Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training. Learn more about our training programs.

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