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Holistic Health Practitioner Training

Holistic is the knowing that we are all interconnected.


"As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul"


Western medicine has a tendency to isolate a symptom or series of symptoms and attempts to cover or eliminate the symptom. This is a new approach to health, but how often does it actually heal?

A holistic approach asks "What is the origin of this imbalance?" or "What is the symptom trying to communicate about the needs of the being?"


We recognize that we are complex beings, body, mind and spirit. 

We recognize that the being has an innate ability to return to balance and heal itself with the right support. 

Symptoms indicate something we lack or something we are being exposed to that we need to eliminate. Symptoms are the body's communication system.

Reflexology and Reiki support the body, mind and spirit in rebalancing and healing by:

  • triggering a parasympathetic response (rest and heal, the opposite of fight or flight)

  • stimulating gentle but effective detoxification as indicated by increased bowel movements, urination, slight perspiration and a metallic taste in the mouth

  • improved blood circulation (as seen via live blood analysis)

  • balancing hormones through stimulation and support of all endocrine glands

  • improving sleep

  • removal of stress by inducing a deep state of relaxation

  • normalizing metabolism naturally

  • supporting homeostasis (body's innate state of balance)

  • reduction or relief of pain due to relaxation, removal of tension, improved circulation, increase in natural endorphins and by stimulating a healing response

Reflexology and Reiki combined are a perfect combination for holistic health practitioners because they provide a balanced approach to body, mind and spirit healing. While both have benefits for all aspects of the being, each can provide complimentary energetic and physical resources for full healing. 

While reflexology may have greater effects on the physical circulation for example, Reiki can provide healing for inherited traumas in a way that reflexology cannot. Clients who receive both reflexology and Reiki sessions, sometimes in combination report faster healing that is even more holistic. 

Offering two different modalities also provides practitioners with an additional stream of income.

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Holistic Health Practitioner Mentorship and Business Training

Full Reflexology Training and Certification

  • Our newest edition reflexology manual + an audio version! Now you can listen to your reflexology chapters while you drive, fold laundry or chop veggies

  • Recorded lectures to compliment each system of anatomy and physiology

  • New online section quizzes to help prepare you for your written exam

  • Videos that demonstrate reflexology rhythm and techniques as well as common mistakes

  • Intake forms and documents with examples so you can professionally document your sessions

  • Optional online study groups with a live trainer and other students

  • Written and practical exam

Schedule your learning at times that work for you. Plan for approximately 5 hours per week. Start today!

Holy Fire III, Usui Reiki 1 and 2

  • William Lee Rand’s The Healing Touch manual

  • 7 live online seminars (2 hours each)

  • Techniques for distance healing, past life healing, addictions, empowering goals and so much more

  • Our bonus chakra healing curriculum

  • Guided energy healing session recordings (inner child, surrender, etc.)

Choose from day or evening seminar times. Plan for approximately 3 hours per week for 7 weeks.

*Can be swapped for Reiki Master Teacher or Karuna Reiki Master Teacher training for students who already have Reiki 2. Additional tuition fee applies.

Holistic Business Building CourseNEW

  • All of our existing business building resources + many new ones organized in a structured step by step program

  • Save money by creating your own logo, business cards, website and marketing content

  • Learn Michelle’s recipe for creating content that actually speaks to your ideal clients

  • Receive templates and pre-written content that you can share on social media, in emails or blogs

  • A combination of online and real world marketing techniques that work for our industry

Schedule your learning and business building at times and a pace that works for you. The more you put into this course, the sooner you will see a return on your investment!

Mentorship ProgramNEW

  • 12 months of inspiring, motivating and supportive small group mentorship

  • 4 one on one mentor sessions with an experienced Holistic Health Business Mentor for your individual challenges or healing

  • Custom coaching and lessons to meet the needs of your group at every stage of training and business building

  • Energetic and spiritual techniques to increase your energy, excitement and passion for what you are building.

  • Accountability, cheerleading, releasing, space holding, community, collaboration and all of the necessary components that successful holistic entrepreneurs need.

Attend 1 live online group mentor session per month for 12 months and schedule 4 one on one mentor sessions at times that work for you.

  • We'll meet online every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 12:30pm eastern time for connection, coaching, accountability, learning, healing and lessons manifestation and abundance.

The combined value of all components of this program is $2850. 
Our promotional price right now is $1444 including everything listed above.

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