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Reflexology Study Group - for current reflexology students

Jan 15, 2024 - Jan 1, 2025

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Enhance your reflexology training experience with our enriching bi-weekly online study groups, a valuable component seamlessly integrated into both our in-person and online reflexology training programs. Designed to foster deeper connections among our students and facilitate comprehensive preparation for our written exam, these study groups offer an invaluable opportunity to engage with our experienced training team and fellow alumni. While participation in these sessions is not mandatory for certification, they provide a supportive environment for students to refine their skills and solidify their understanding of key anatomy and physiology systems. Tailored specifically for current reflexology students enrolled in any of our courses, each study group meeting zooms in on 1-2 anatomy and physiology systems, complementing the curriculum covered in our manuals and recorded lectures. Prior to attending, students are encouraged to thoroughly review the relevant chapters in their manuals and engage with the instructional recordings to maximize their learning experience. Within these sessions, students delve into invaluable techniques for memorization, gaining a nuanced understanding of the intricate workings of the body's organs and glands, and the interplay of various systems. By actively participating in these discussions, students not only deepen their comprehension but also hone their skills, emerging as more confident and successful reflexologists. Conveniently scheduled on the second Tuesday of every month at 12pm and the fourth Wednesday of every month at 8pm, our live online reflexology study groups offer flexibility to accommodate diverse schedules. Whether attending sporadically or regularly, students are encouraged to join as many sessions as needed to feel adequately prepared for their written exam. Included in all reflexology training classes tuition.


  • Online study group 8 pm ET - digestive & urinary systems
  • Online study group - 12 pm ET - reproductive system
  • Online study group - 8pm ET - Skeletal system
  • Online study group - 12pm ET - muscular system
  • Online study group - 8pm ET - nervous & endocrine systems




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Students & Alumni

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