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What you don't know about anxiety

Anxiety, it's not something that happens to you, it is a state of being. What happens when someone is anxious? The sympathetic nervous system is triggered and we are in a state of fight or flight. We feel agitated, irritable, quick to anger, jittery, tense, our mind races and we struggle to think clearly. The thoughts we have are focused on the negative. Why? Because we are in fight or flight. We have to analyze every potential awful situation that might arise in an effort to prepare for it.

However, our perception is disrupted by this state. Is our life actually in danger? Or is the nervous system responding to the pressure of modern life, to the pace of go, go, go..

We absolutely can function better when we are grounded (not up in our heads, down in our feet), when the nervous system is relaxed, when our thinking is clear, when we feel centered in our being instead of tense, irritated and worried.

People don't think about reflexology for anxiety. Why is reflexology potentially the greatest tool for anxious people?

In our feet we have over 1200 nerve endings. Through the feet we have access to the entire nervous system including the solar plexus, that bundle of nerves in the center of your diaphragm that feels like it is in knots when you are anxious.

Within minutes of a reflexology session our clients quickly calm and soften. By the time we are working on their second foot, the belly starts to rumble. Why? Because they have shifted from a sympathetic nervous system state (fight or flight) to a parasympathetic nervous system state (rest and digest). For the first time in who knows how long, the body systems detect no danger and prioritize healing, really digesting and assimilating nutrients, eliminating wastes and those functions that are vitally important for our health and well being.

The benefits continue to have affect for about five days and regular sessions absolutely add benefit to the busy lives of modern humans.

You can press your own solar plexus reflex point too whenever you need more calm and feel the effects for yourself.

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