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Why reflexology is amazing for both unexplained infertility and infertility conditions

Sometimes the reasons why a couple struggles to conceive become obvious while other times, countless hours and dollars are spent undergoing basic or more invasive tests on both people finding little to no understanding as to why conception isn't happening. Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy with roots in a number of cultures and countries around the world. Applying firm and focused pressure to specific points on the feet can have a numbing effect in the body where there is pain. I have seen evidence through live blood analysis of one of my clients that it does directly impact and improve circulation throughout the body. Clients report improved digestion and sleep following reflexology sessions and their relaxation and removal of stress is obvious.

Trying to conceive becomes incredibly stressful. Feelings of no control, fear, envy, frustration, grief and anger are common and reasonable experiences of people who cannot conceive, sometimes as soon as a few months of trying, but especially for people who have been trying to conceive for years.

Reflexology is the therapy of choice for people who are trying to conceive, whether they have a fertility diagnosis or unexplained infertility. During a reflexology session, we have access to the whole body through the feet. Although we take a thorough health history with our clients, we always treat the whole body in a holistic way. The premise is that when the whole body is supported, it can return to homeostasis or balance, it can heal itself, even if we don't fully understand what is in need of healing. Hormones return to balanced levels because all of the endocrine glands are supported. With improved digestion, assimilation of nutrients improves. With improved sleep, improved circulation and the removal of stress, the body and mind can surrender, relax and prioritize procreation.

Reflexology continues to have effect for up to 5 days following a good firm reflexology session. To maximize the benefits of reflexology and significantly increase chances of conception, both partners could consider weekly reflexology sessions for 6-8 weeks, decreasing to bi-weekly sessions to receive the full healing effect and benefit of reflexology.

Occasional sessions have been beneficial for many of my clients but a regular regime is an amazing way to start a pregnancy for maximum benefit to the whole family. Reflexology is safe and non-invasive and compliments all other natural or medical treatments.

Michelle Stroud is a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Trainer and has been a Certified Reflexologist providing holistic fertility and maternity support since 2004.

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